Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas is over! But now I have presents!

I am so tired...Christmas has drained all of my energy.... :P I had a great Christmas and I got some great pressies ^ - ^ I got loads of lovely pressies from my friends and family, and I thought I'd share a few of my beauty related presents here :)

(The chocolate bear isn't beauty related, but it is yummy ^ - ^)

The first present I opened was the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. I literally squealed when I opened it > . < I have been wanting to try this out for so long! I got it in shade 1 and as I use it I will review it in a later post :)

Next up I got the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume, which I actually specifically asked for this Christmas. My mum gave me a teeny sample bottle a while ago (along with Vera Moda Lovestruck) and I loved it so much I asked for it for Christmas. I adore the Daisy packaging, but I really don't like the smell of the original Daisy perfume, but when I tried out this new one it was so different and delicious, it's really floral and fresh and I can't wait to wear it in the Spring and Summer :D It's also huge, I got the 75ml bottle, so I think that should last me a while :P

Finally I got the cutest gift box of Benefit products ever, it's so adorable looking, I can't wait to put it on my dresser ^ - ^. Inside I got Benefits new(ish) mascara They're Real! which I cannot wait to try out, my favourite mascara in the whole wide world is Benefits Bad Gal, so I'm really excited about this one :) Then I got a Lust Duster pot in a gorgeous pinky lilac colour called Jelly Roll, I don't have any eyeshadows in this colour, so it'll be really useful, and I haven't tried the Lust Dusters before, so that's another exciting product to test :D Last but not least I got the gorgeous r.s.v.p creaseless cream, which I have been pining over since I got my first Benefit Creaseless Cream for my birthday. It's a gorgeous bronze pink colour and smells beautiful. I think I might have to increase my collection of Creaseless Creams, I find them just so gorgeous.

I have a few more things to share, but these were my favourite beauty related gifts :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family <3

Love Sunny xxxxx

Monday, 19 December 2011

New House, Pets and JANUARY EXAMS

I'm home! Yays :) Except that we've moved and I have a new house, so it's not the home I left :P I've spent the last couple of days unpacking boxes (so boring) but finally my bedroom is starting to look more like my own :)

I'm back with my pets! I've missed having fluffy things wandering around, at uni it's so pet-less :( So sad. I had forgotten just how much dog fur gets on my clothes though - _ - I need three clothes brushes to make my clothes not ginger and fluffy anymore.... Technically the pets aren't allowed upstairs, but I let my cat up last night to nap on my bed, shhh :P

I went Christmas shopping yesterday (woo Christmas :P) and got two Rimmel products : a red lipstick from the Kate Moss range in 01, I've been wanting a statement red lipstick for ages, I think it's especially good for the holidays, very festive :) I also got a lip liner in 024 red diva, for the lipstick. I got the lipstick for £5, on sale down from £6.50 and the lip liner for £3.99, so not really pricey :P

I'm writing this as a break from's so very very boring :P After a while I just want to curl up and sleep :P Once my January exams are over I might reward myself with a shopping spree I probably can't afford ;P

Merry Christmas!

Sunny xxxxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Time, New Boots and Nail Polish

It's getting very very very cold! ^ - ^ I'm going home in a few days, and I can't wait :) As much as I've enjoyed my first term of uni, I am looking forward to going home and seeing my pets! I only have one exam this week (tomorrow eeeeeeeep!) and then I'm free (ignoring the January exams of course :P). I have to start packing all my stuff on Thursday > . < I hate packing :P

Earlier this week there was a funfair in town! It was really teeny tiny, but it had a few good rides. My friends went on a huge one with two arms which swung you around...I stayed on the ground and held their bags :P I don't think I like heights too much :P. I did get a chance to play on some of the rides though :D I almost lost my hat on a couple and had to tie my shoes up extra extra tight to stop them from flying off :P

Speaking of shoes my darling blue boots from New Look last year have officially died *cries*. I've worn them so much that the sole has completely worn out. :( They're not waterproof anymore, the final straw was my feet getting soaked through :P I can't handle that. To replace them I got these cuties from River Island for £35. They're black lace up suede boots with grippy soles (definitely good on all these icy hills :P) they have a small wedge as well which I really like, it's always good to be a bit taller ;)

My only other new item this month (I'm poor because of Christmas :P) is this cute Nails Inc. nail polish in Basil Street. It's a really cute nude pink colour and I've been wearing it non stop. I love how elegant and understated it looks. It really enhances any outfit. I really love Nails Inc. varnishes, I need to buy more! :P

That's my short, end of term at uni post, hopefully I'll have more over Christmas, what with all the presents :P Hehehe <3

Sunny xxxxx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Copper Eyes and a Depressing New Found Talent

Hello ^ - ^ Yikes, what a week, I've had SO MUCH WORK > . < But I've handed in everything which needed to be handed in now, so I deserve a break :P I love that relaxed feeling you get after you've handed in a major assignment. So peaceful, it doesn't even matter what mark I get, it's done :) (well the mark doesn't matter until I actually find out and have to jump off the pier).

Earlier today in an IT skills lesson (which I hate) I was told repeatedly that I have 'a gift with excel'. Um what? A gift with excel? No thank you, thanks. Some people are talented at music, or art, or sports. But not me. I have the talent of being able to make beautiful complicated graphs on excel. Yay. I think I might take this one back to the talent shop and exchange it for something a bit nicer :P

I bought a train ticket home and a HUGE suitcase yesterday :D I can't believe it's only three and a bit weeks until I go home for the Christmas holidays, AND I have a new house, which is a bit weird. I am looking forward to decorating my new bedroom though ^ - ^

Today out of nothing else but not wanting to go food shopping (such a chore) I made this cute copper eyes look. I was just thinking of a simple look I could wear to my friends birthday next week, which will definitely involve bars and clubs. I have a Collection 2000 angelic palette and the bottom row of it has two gorgeously glimerry coppery brown shades, so I thought, WANT THESE ON MY EYES... but not that weird :P

Here's what happened:

I did my normal face routine of Porefessional (my new baby <3 ), BB cream, blemish concealer and under eye concealer. I then bronzed under my cheekbones to create a contour, and then under my jawline and a little up to my temples. This really helps with the copper/bronze theme of the look.

For my eyes I primed with Lemon Aid, then added my Benefit Creaseless Cream in Tattle Tale, a gorgeous shimmery gold cream, I smoothed this on right up to my browbone. Then I used a matte yellow/sand colour and added it just in my inner corners, so my eyes wouldn't appear too close together. After that I used a gorgeous shimmery bronze all over the rest of my lid. To add depth I used the dark shimmery brown in my outer corners and crease, and extended it a little bit upwards to make the look more 'night time'. Then I blended like crazzzzzzy, to get rid of icky harsh lines. I then added a little more of the bronze onto the centres of my eyes, to make sure that it was REALLY glimmery :P

I lined under my top lashes with a soft black pencil liner, to make my lashes look thicker. I used a liquid eyeliner and lined all along my top lashes, corner to corner, with a teensy flick at the outer edge. Then I went back to the pencil liner and lined my waterline, connecting to the outer and inner corners. I added the shimmery bronze under my eyes a little and then lined under my bottom lashes. I smoked this out, so my eyes didn't look too bottom heavy. Finally I added a load of mascara.

My lips are really simple, I used a light nude/pink, so they looked a little nuder than my natural lip colour (my lips are quite red naturally) to emphasise the eyes.

I might have a little nap now...I don't suit waking up at's unnatural :P

Sunny xxxxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Eyeliners And A Winter Cold

> . < Yup it's officially winter I have decided, I have my first proper winter cold of the year (well this half of the year) and it's ick. Although being curled up in bed all day, skipping lectures and eating soup can be quite fun :P Outside the air definitely has the cold prickle, maybe snow soon?

I'm curled up in my boyfriends massive hoodie ^ - ^ I love stealing his stuff, boy hoodies are just so much snugglier than girl hoodies (which is why I actually own a big Jack Daniels hoodie as well :P).

I thought I'd share my favourite (and not so favourite) eyeliners. I love eyeliner, it really highlights and brings out your eyes, it can make them look sexy, cute, big, awake or smart. It's one of my favourite pieces of make up. There are loads of different types of eyeliners out there, so here are just a few I own:

8) Neal's Yard Remedies Eyeliner (pencil, black)
I thought I'd start with my least favourite eye liner. I don't like this because it's so difficult to get any definition out of. I find I have to press really hard (not good for the eye area) and even then the colour looks really thin and pale. Even when I press it really hard on my hand the colour payoff isn't great. I was really disappointed in this eye liner *sadface* because it looks really pretty and is 37% organic, so it seems like it would be better considering the quality.

7) Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner (pencil, 064 Stormy Grey)
This eyeliner is a massive step up from the NYR one, it's great for a less intense look than black, has good colour payoff without having to press too hard. One issue is that it doesn't last especially long, but it's little so I can just pop it into my bag and reapply if I need to. It's only this low down because I don't really wear grey too often.

6) Eyeko Glitter (liquid, silver)
What can I say about this except GLITTTERRRRR!!!!!!! :P Okay, so maybe glitter isn't the most sophisticated look in the world, but it is one of the most fun. This is quite thin, so it's good for just a little bit of glitter, compared to just a massive line of pure glitter. It's also great for adding teeny dots or embellishments to clubbing make up, where you want the light to make your eyes more dazzling.

5) Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen (pen, black)
Firstly, the packaging is really, really cute, it has hearts and stars all over it ^ - ^ I do admit that this did sway my decision to buy this eyeliner XD. When I first got this I was a bit like meh. Nothing too exciting, but recently I've been using it more often and I do really like it. It does have problems though, you do have to reapply a few times to get a really decent colour, and the pen tip can feel a little dry. However it's really good for getting super clear precise lines, I especially love how easy it is to make a thin sharp line with this.

4) Natural Collection Eye Lines (pencil, white)
I love this eyeliner because it wasn't too pricey (about £2-3 if I remember correctly) but it really does the job well. It has a good clear colour, glides on well and lasts reasonably well (with a little touching up needed if I wear it for too long). I think a white eyeliner is essential for when I have a meeting with my tutor and I need to look awake and not look as though I've spent all night just finishing my assignment :P It's also good for a base when using REALLY bright costume eye make up.

3) Rimmel Soft Kohl (pencil, 061 black)
Yes, this is technically the same one as earlier but in a different colour, but I still love it. It's my general everyday eyeliner (which is why it's so much shorter than the rest XD). It has a great colour, goes on easily, and lasts a while (I always take it in my bag when I go on a night out because it can smudge/fade easily). Overall though it's fantastic, and so easy.

2) L'Oreal Superliner (liquid, black)
We're getting to the top of my list now :P I adore this eyeliner oh so much. L'oreal had a buy one get one free on eyeliner ages ago, so my mum just picked this up for me. The first time I used it I was just like...woah...this is good. It's got teeny tiny sparkles in it, not enough to be noticeable, but just enough to make the eyeliner stand out more. It glides on effortlessly and I wear it for my more dramatic looks, once it's dry it lasts for hours and hours and hours.

1) Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (1 Black Ink)
Not very shockingly this is my favourite XD. Together with the eyeliner brush of course. Even without the brush this is my most expensive eyeliner, but it's worth the extra price, you really do get what you pay for with this eyeliner. The brush did take me a few attempts to get used to, but now I find it really easy. It's really black and lasts for as long as I need to wear it, I also find it really easy to get precise flicks and make them even on both sides with this :)

Phew...long list :P

Hope you enjoyed  ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx

Friday, 11 November 2011

Visiting Friends and Clubbing Make Up

Hello ^ - ^ Woooosh, it's been a busy week! On Sunday I travelled down to Reading to visit my friends and the train journey was 6 hours!!! Luckily I had a book (Dracula by the way :P) to read, so I was quite happy :) I could only stay for four days because I still have uni work to do here, but it was a great four days :D Best of all my best friend let me borrow her gorgeous Jack Wills dress (which I have been pining over for months :P) to wear out :D Yay!

Today was literally a whole day of working in the lab (I do biology btw :P) so I was quite sleepy when I got home. The fact that the days are getting shorter isn't helping either - _ - I like everything else about winter EXCEPT the short days :( It makes me sad when it feels like night time too early! Oh well :P I guess it just means more time to cuddle up in bed ^ - ^.

Yesterday my mum sent me another parcel :) I think she must be missing me because I got lots of treats :D. She sent me some new socks, chocolates, pretty hair clips and best of all Porefessional from Benefit. I was so happy ^ - ^ I've been telling my mum for a month now how I was going to save up to buy it (it's around £23, so too expensive for a poor student like me XD) so I was just so pleased to see that she'd remembered :) I definitely need to get my mum a fantastic Christmas present now! :P

I've been using Porefessional for a few days now and I love it so much > . < It's amazing. It's a light tan colour when it comes out of the tube, but blends really well into skin. The texture is amazingly light and silky, it made my face feel so nice! :P Obviously the purpose of the product is to minimise pores and I can say that this worked for me. I'm a little self conscious about my nose pores and this product made them look either tiny or non existent. I am literally in love and really recommend it XD

So tomorrow is one of my friends birthday :) She lives on the floor above me so we're all going to celebrate in her kitchen and then go out a bit later. I decided that I want to wear my eye make up a bit darker and more dramatic than usual, so I decided to try out this look:

Firstly I started with my new favourite Porefessional by Benefit, over the areas which need it. For me my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Next I used my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21 all over my face and down my neck (to avoid having a different colour face to the rest of me XD). After that I went and covered any blemishes with my Witch Hazel concealer in 01 natural, and my dark under eye circles with Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer in 001 ivory. I then dotted Benefits high beam onto my cheekbones and brow bones, and blended to make them stand out more. I finally set my face with my Natural Collection pressed powder in neutral.

For my eyes I started by priming them with Benefit Lemon Aid all over the lid to keep the eyeshadow in place. I then lined the inner rim of my upper lid using my Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil liner in 061 jet black. I then covered my entire lid in a shimmery gold cream eyeshadow, I used Benefits Tattle Tale. This was to create a little shimmer and colour to my otherwise dark lids. I then used my Bourjois Smoky Eyes palette for the dark eye shadows. I used the medium grey colour all over my lid, but keeping strictly to the lid. Then I used the black in the outer corners, extending slightly at the outer corners to elongate the eyes. I tried to make this part quite neat, but still a little smoky so it didn't look to harsh. I then blended the eyeshadow on my eyelid, but not on the extended outer part, this softened the eye slightly. Then I went back to my pencil liner, lined my top lid and then the waterline and just underneath of my bottom lid, making sure it joined up to the elongated part of the eyeshadow. In the inner corners of my eyes I joined the inner line of eyeliner to create a full circuit around the inner rims of my eyes. I put a dab of gold tattle tale on the inner corner of my eyes to make them appear brighter, and a small dot of gold eyeshadow (blended) into the middle of my eyelid to make my eyes appear larger. Finally I coated my top and bottom lashes in my Benefit Bad Gal mascara.

I decided to leave my lips bare, with just a small dab of uncoloured lip balm so that the look wasn't too overwhelming.

Have a great weekend ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fireworks and Cocktails

Bonfire night was last night ^ - ^ So that meant lots and lots and lots of fireworks!!! My favourite :D I went with my friends and boyfriend, but me and my boyfriend went off to buy some glow sticks (because we are very mature XD) and lost everyone else in the crowd. We did have a great time though :) I love fireworks because it always reminds me of how much I loved going to see them when I was little, especially with all the little kids screaming and clapping every time a firework went off. There was a little girl in front of us who shouted 'BANG' every time a firework went off > . < So cute!! There was an amazing bit where a firework got caught and went off sideways over the sea and exploded, it was so pretty reflecting on the water...but very lucky it went that way instead of into us XD

The night before I went out with my girl friends to have a cocktail night! We visited a really cute bar called Piranha Lounge, with a tank of piranhas of course. I had five sex on the beaches because I had a buy on get one free Piranha card and a few shots of baileys and pink sambuca, yummmmy :D We managed to somehow get into a club after that :P It was a great evening except for the massive purple bruise on my knee, which is a total mystery... :S

I'm going to visit a friend in Reading this week :D I actually have to leave for the train in an hour XD I should probably get changed out of my pajamas :P I keep forgetting, but I really really really intend to put more of my make up looks on here :P

Sunny xxxxx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Exams, exams, exams and a bit of make up too

URGH. It's time for exams. Which means it's time for lots and lots of revision *major sadface* I have three exams and one essay over the next two weeks > . < So scared! I'm going to literally not go out at all, I will be a gremlin hiding in my room :D Next week I'll be hopefully going to visit my best friend after my last exam ^ - ^ I am ignoring the HUGE train prices :P

Today I had two lectures on worms, I turned up to the first one, but when the lecturer said the next would be on earthworms I just went home XD I cannot handle that, far too icky! So I had a massive shop and a nap :P

I was just revising, but I decided to have a break and do this instead. I created a smoky eye night time/clubbing look. I think I'm just pining because I want to go out somewhere XD. I love smoky dark eyes at night, because it makes your eyes look really intense and stand out. I didn't use a lot for this look and it was really quick and simple, because if you make a mess you can just blend it out :P

I started by concealing my UBER EPIC under eye circles (hello lack of sleep :P) with my Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer in 001 Ivory. I just smooth it under my eyes with my ring fingers so it's more gentle. Then I primed my eyelids with Lemon Aid by Benefit.

For my eyes I used my Smoky Eyes trio eyeshadow palette by Bourjois in 01 gris dandy. I love this mini palette, it has a silver, grey and black, all shimmery and really pretty. I started by putting the silver up to my browbone, and then the grey on the outer half of my lid, concentrating on the crease and blending to get rid of harsh lines. Finally I put the black on my crease and under my eye in a V shape. To make this more intense I used my Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner in 061 jet black to go over this V. I blended like crazy. Then I lined halfway along my waterline at the outer edge, only up to where the V ends.  I also lined my upper lash line and blended to add more definition to my eyes. Because my eyes were pretty dark by now I added a dash of white eyeshadow in my inner corners, to open and brighten my eyes. I used my white eyeshadow from my Topshop Eyes palette. Finally I added loads and loads and loads of mascara, for added drama and a complete look.

This proves just how awful revision is XD I can't wait until the end of next week when it'll all be over ^ - ^ ....for a few weeks anyway :P

Sunny xxxxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Smoky Grey/purple Eyes And A New Resolution

Today was such a bad day eating wise...That massive box of chocolates my boyfriend got me a few days ago? Nearly gone... > . < Bad bad bad sunny bunny. Ooopsie. So today I have made a new resolution. I will exercise! One of my friends said she'd go running with me :) So hopefully we'll be able to motivate each other. I'm not going to go on a diet, food is WAYYYYYY to yummy to do that XD.

Although I may try to be slower with the rest of the chocolates....

Anyway, I'm about to go out in a bit, so I thought I'd quickly put my going out make-up here. I chose a smoky look, in grey and purple, because I don't really use purple too much. I haven't gone very heavy on the purple, but i have incorporated it a bit into the look.

First I did my face using my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21, making sure I blended well down my neck and around the edges of my face (one of my pet peeves is when people have an orange line around the edges of their face > . <). I then concealed my blemishes with my Witch concealer, and my dark circles with my Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer. I used my E.L.F bronzer to highlight my cheekbones and added a little around my temples and jawline, blending well. I finished my face with a light dust of Natural Collection Pressed Powder.

On my eyes I first put on Lemon Aid by Benefit to act as a primer. Then I used my Rimmel Glam'Eyes eyeshadow in Punchy Taupe up to my brow bone. Next I covered my lids in a light charcoal grey from E.L.F, and then used a blue/purple colour from my Collection 2000 eyeshadow palette for my crease and to line the upper lash line and 3/4 of the lower lash line. To open up my eyes a bit I used a white eyeliner on my waterline and white glimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes. Finally I covered my lashes in my Bad Gal mascara from Benefit.

I exfoliated my lips with a toothbrush to remove dry skin and then used my Benefit Benetint lip balm to add a pinky red colour.

Now I just have to get changed and apologise to my friends for being late XD

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend ^ - ^ I won't get all mushy and icky (well maybe a teeny tiny bit :P). We had a really nice day...aside from having lectures....Two hours on sponges and then jellyfish...urgh.

After we escaped from the lecture we went back to my room and I gave him his presents, I got him The Girl Who Leapt Through Time on dvd, partially because I really want to see it (XD) and partially because it's supposed to be a fantastic film and he likes anime. I also got him The Aristocats and Beauty And The Beast, because he kept saying he wanted to watch old nostalgic Disney :P I found him some really cute skeleton socks from Topshop, a couple of (man) necklaces :P and a teensy rubber duck with hearts on it, because it just looked so cute!

Then he went back to his because he had another lecture (I didn't hehehehehehehe) and when he came back he brought me Ben and Jerrys chunky monkey (my favourite!!!) and a BIG cake and two pizzas (we didn't eat it all though :P). He also brought two bags which looked like presents!!! He got me a big box of chocolates from Thorntons and a beautiful butterfly necklace from a local jewelers :) I'm so happy ^ - ^ It's really cute, and it has a clasp to open and close the wings :)

It's quite dark and cloudy right now, so I can't see the mountains outside :( I think I'll eat some cosy food and watch an episode of Boys Over Flowers before I go out later :)

Sunny xxxxx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Rainy Pier and Hot Soup

Hello ^ - ^ Today the weather has been the craziest since I arrived at uni. It was windy, rainy and cold. So my boyfriend and I decided to go down to the pier to look at the sea :P

I wrapped up warm in a thick coat, wooly scarf and mittens and set off to the pier with him. It was completely deserted, not too shocking considering the weather XD We had fun leaning over the railings and watching the choppy waves beneath us :) Surprisingly despite the weather, when we looked further along the coast the cliffs and bays still looked beautiful. In the distance a tiny bit of light illuminated the cliffs slightly, and the slight grey rays looked amazing. And yet again I forgot my camera > . < I'm going to start putting it in my bag before I go out!

Unfortunately the tea shop at the end of the pier was closed, I really wanted to go and get a scone and tea to warm myself up XD It was still great fun, although my flatmates thought I was mad when I came back home completely drenched :P

So after my very very very cold outing I thought I'd try something adventourous (for me at least XD) I decided to make my own soup. I'm not a very good cook, so I decided to make a simple leek and potato soup, and eat it with some brown bread. It only took an hour (including preparing the vegetables and the simmering and things), and I have some stored in the fridge, enough for two more portions :)

Here's how I made it:
1 leek
1 medium potato
1 medium onion
50g butter
1 pint of vegetable stock
I chopped the leek and onion into thin slices and the potato into about 8 chunks and washed them. Then I melted the butter in a saucepan, added the vegetables and a little salt and pepper, and left covered over a low heat for 15 minutes, (during which time I wandered off and tidied my room a little :P). When I came back the vegetables were a bit softer, I added the stock and raised the heat a little bit so the soup was simmering slightly. I covered it again and left it for 20 minutes. Then I came back, put some in a bowl, the rest in tupperware and ate my soup ^ - ^

It was perfect for a windy autumn day :) Very cosy ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Porpoises And Cat-Eyes

Hello ^ - ^ I've had such a fun day today :D I volunteered to do a marine mammal survey, so today at 12 a group of us students took a minibus up to a lighthouse a bit further up the coast from where the uni is and did the survey. It was beautiful. We were on a bit of land jutting out from the rest of the coastline, just us and a lighthouse. The sun was shining and the sea was glittering...and I forgot my camera > . <

We were there for two hours, literally just sitting on the cliff watching the water for marine mammals. About ten minutes in we spotted a group of porpoises! It was so exciting ^ - ^ There were about 8 of them, and they stayed the entire time, jumping right out of the water occasionally :D We didn't see any whales though, which was a shame, even though we had been told that they were a rarer sight.

After a rather chilly (despite the sun) couple of hours we went back and ate some pizzas all warm and cosy in my room ^ - ^ A very nice way to spend the day :)

Last night I went out with some of my friends, it was quite a low key event, so I just wore a navy play suit with white bows, little black pumps and a grey cardigan. I had medium thick cat-eye eyeliner, white eyeliner on my waterline and subtle glimmery taupe eyeshadow over my lids. I also wore mascara and pink blush, but I forgot to take photos, D'oh > . <

For this look I used: Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer in 001 Ivory (for under my eyes), Rimmel London Soft Kohl pencil liner in 061 Jet Black (for tightlining my upper lids), Rimmel London Glam' Eyes eyeshadow in 160 Punchy Taupe, L'Oreal Superliner Liquid Eyeliner in black (the exact number has been rubbed off the tube from overuse :P ) and Natural Collection Eye Lines pencil liner in white (for my water line). I would be wearing Bad Gal mascara by Benefit if I had remembered to take a photo with it on XD

Next week is my anniversary with my boyfriend, I can't wait to give him my gifts ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Army Night and Productive Day

YESSSSSSSSSSSS I've finally done my essay! I did all the research for it yesterday, and spent about 4 hours today writing it, but now it's done and handed in ^ - ^ So happy. I love the sense of relief and achievement you get after doing your work XD

Last night was an army themed night :P I wanted a really really cheap outfit, because I really don't want to be spending money on costumes when I could be buying pretty clothes with it instead. I decided to wear my plain black shorts and black tights, I went to H&M and got a £3.99 green t-shirt (which I actually quite like anyway XD). Last week I was given a £5 voucher for H&M, so technically my t-shirt was free :D Always good. For accessories I bought dog tags and face paint at the fancy dress shop, together they cost £5, and one of my friends let me borrow his red bandanna. So altogether my whole outfit only cost me £5 :D Not too shabby.

I went for eyelined eyes and though you can't see it in the photo green and brown eyeshadow. I also used bronzer on my cheekbones and around my jawline because I was going out, and as you can see I had camoflage facepaint on my cheeks (and all over my arms too XD).

Because of last night I've been sleepy all day, so I've just been slouching around in my university plum joggers. Mmm cosy. I'm planning on buying a green university jumper as well, they're so useful for sports and for general warmth. definitely a plus in Northern Wales :P

Brr it's starting to get a bit colder.

Sunny xxxxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sleeping Late and Eating Chocolate

Today I slept until 11, I had a lecture at 9....oopsie XD I did go to the second part of it later, so I was almost good....

I really need to start being productive, my essay is due in 3 days, and I haven't even started it, today will be my last day of procrastinating. Hopefully :P I tried to be good with my laundry, but the machine kept eating my money - _ - it'll save for another day, I have enough clothes :P

So the majority of my day was spent chillaxing in my bed, curled up with my boyfriend eating chocolate and watching old Disney films. No better way to spend a day in my opinion XD It did result in me eating an entire cookie Galaxy bar all by myself...ooopsie XD I promise i'll start exercising tomorrow! > . <

Yesterday I went out with my friend to a social for one of her clubs, it was quite relaxed and informal, so I wore my Mon Amour t-shirt, jeans and moccasins. I was feeling in a wintry French mood, so I added my back beret style hat and I wore flicked out eyeliner :)

For my face I used Witch Hazel concealer, Missha BB Cream, Rimmel concealer (for under eye circles) and my Natural Collection powder.

I wanted my eyelids to be bare, with just the eyeliner standing out. I wore Lemon Aid by Benefit over the whole lid to prevent them looking red and as a base for the eyeliner. Then I lined under the lashes on my top lids with Rimmel London black soft Kohl eyeliner, for the top I used my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in 1, Black ink. I flicked the edges out slightly, for a more dramatic look.

I wanted my lips to be a bit deeper in colour than usual, but I didn't want lipstick, so I chose my Benetint red lip balm from Benefit to add colour to my lips.

Not a very complex look, but I felt like having a simpler face :P

Sunny xxxxx