Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend ^ - ^ I won't get all mushy and icky (well maybe a teeny tiny bit :P). We had a really nice day...aside from having lectures....Two hours on sponges and then jellyfish...urgh.

After we escaped from the lecture we went back to my room and I gave him his presents, I got him The Girl Who Leapt Through Time on dvd, partially because I really want to see it (XD) and partially because it's supposed to be a fantastic film and he likes anime. I also got him The Aristocats and Beauty And The Beast, because he kept saying he wanted to watch old nostalgic Disney :P I found him some really cute skeleton socks from Topshop, a couple of (man) necklaces :P and a teensy rubber duck with hearts on it, because it just looked so cute!

Then he went back to his because he had another lecture (I didn't hehehehehehehe) and when he came back he brought me Ben and Jerrys chunky monkey (my favourite!!!) and a BIG cake and two pizzas (we didn't eat it all though :P). He also brought two bags which looked like presents!!! He got me a big box of chocolates from Thorntons and a beautiful butterfly necklace from a local jewelers :) I'm so happy ^ - ^ It's really cute, and it has a clasp to open and close the wings :)

It's quite dark and cloudy right now, so I can't see the mountains outside :( I think I'll eat some cosy food and watch an episode of Boys Over Flowers before I go out later :)

Sunny xxxxx

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