Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rimmel BB Cream Review

One down two to go! My worst exam is over (phew) and surprisingly didn't go too badly...that is if not revising half the module and being unable to answer a question worth 50% of the paper is not doing too badly... (oopsie moment). I'm much more confident about the next two though (although we'll see what I say after tomorrows exam). In the spirit of procrastination here's a product review.

I bought Rimmel's BB cream on a total whim. I hadn't read any reviews at all, I was just casually looking for a BB cream and thought 'Hmm Rimmel, why not?' and bought it.

This BB cream claims to prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten and protect from sun damage. Lots and lots of jobs for such a little BB cream.

I've been wearing this most days for just over a week now, and I really do like it, for the price (£4.99 at Boots) it's a really good buy. It's a fairly creamy consistency, which I really like, and is easy to smooth onto the face, I usually blend it on with a sponge, which works well, but on my lazier days (generally when I'm going to the library to revise) I use my hands which works well too.

Can you see on my thumb where I cheese grated it? It's nearly healed now, but oh my gosh it was painful :P
 Despite saying that it's a moisturising product it does feel a little drying on my forehead, it doesn't look bad because my skin has left its winter dry mode, but if my skin was much drier than it is now it wouldn't look good at all.

Coverage wise this is exactly what I want, it doesn't cover every single thing, it just makes my face more uniform and tones down the worst of my red marks. If I need a little more coverage I add concealer (but I don't have to do this all the time).

Blended out
I like this product, it's a nice one to have when I don't need a lot of coverage, but I just want something. It's been perfect for revision library times, and today I wore it to my dance class and it stayed perfectly. If it wasn't quite so drying and if it came in more shades it'd be amazing, as it is it's just a really good high street BB cream.

Sunny xxxxx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mini Beauty Haul

It's the middle of exams at the moment so I'm rather stressed at the moment, and in my world the answer to stress is shopping, and lots of it. My beauty haul wasn't so bad, but just wait until my clothes haul...that was a little crippling for my bank account...

I had a mini version of this Ted Baker body spray from a gift set and had been using it constantly, even thought the big version was £5 I decided I loved it too much not to buy it. I spray it in my wardrobe, over my clothes and on myself when I want something lighter than perfume. It's light fruity and floral and smells really comforting, so I of course need it for exams!

This Percy & Reed Finishing Polish came free with a magazine a while ago (may have been Glamour, I'm not sure). I haven't used it yet, but after falling head over heels in love with their deep conditioner I'm sure I'll love this too.

At the checkout at Primark I found this Hask Argan Oil mini for £1 so I bought it on a whim. It's not too shabby despite the price, and the tiny bottle makes it great to pop into my bag for nights out.

Another freebie was this gorgeous Ciaté nail polish in Pocket Money. I love Ciaté polishes, and this colour is a beautiful addition to my collection, especially with the cute packaging. More things should have bows on...seriously.

I've been really feeling the need to buy an orange lipstick for summer, I chose this Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in Electric Orange. It's a lovely colour and quite sheer, so I can wear it quite lightly until I feel brave enough with the colour to layer on more.

Finally I decided I needed another Rimmel Apocalips in my life, this time in the beautiful shade Luna. I've been wearing this colour everyday to the library to cheer myself up, it's just so gorgeous and the formulation makes me happy every time I wear it.

Left: Rimmel Apocalips Luna, Right: Maybelline Colour Sensational Electric Orange
Okeysmokeys, I need to get a wiggle on with today's revision, or it'll never get done!

Good luck for everyone currently struggling through exams!

Sunny xxxxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Week In Photos

Okay essay is over, forever, it's done, handed in, out of the way, I'm FREE! Not quite sure what to do with my life now...what is life without examining the environmental impacts of offshore wind farms, I feel lost. Ah well, here's some happy pictures from this week!


      Accidentally bought A Song Of Ice And Fire to add to my ever growing bookshelf/Sunny Day! / New Addiction
 Spencer's Face on the 4OD MIC page, so funny, Wind Farm Essay deadline / Everytime I watch this I want to be a dancer

Yeah, posts have been lacking recently...all my writing time has been taken up with my essay and presentation, now they're over though *cheering*.

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang

Hello there! I'm still battling with my evil essay, but it's so so so close to being done. I'll have more time to post (and go out, and see friends, and sleep) once I hand it in.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how wonderful Rimmel's Apocalips lip lacquers are because everyone seems to be head over heels in love with them. So I'll just add to the list and say that yes, I really do love this product and you should go out and buy one in every colour.

The one I have is the beautiful bright red Big Bang, I haven't worn it out yet (gee thanks essay), but I will soon!

I'm really loving Luna and Celestial as well, so they're on my shopping list for when I get some money!

Right, back to my essay!

Sunny xxxxx

Monday, 8 April 2013

My Week In Photos

I love love love reading these posts when other people do them, so I thought I'd give it a go myself! Unfortunately I decided to start on a week where I've been sitting at home writing an essay and intermittently watching episodes of Game Of Thrones...

Top L-R - Evening in his little house / Essay of doom / Questionable homemade sugar, wheat and dairy free muffins
Bottom L-R - A sunny day in England! / Read these instead of writing essay / Tolly and Evening

I really, really, really, really, really do not want to go back to my essay right now. I've just started writing a section on sediments, it's going to be 1000 words. On sediment. I'm going back to bed...

Sunny xxxxx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review

After reading so many great reviews for the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation I had to buy it, and after handing in my assignments on time I decided I'd treat myself! I've only worn this around three times, but I'm in love. It's my new favourite foundation!

I love the feel of this foundation, it's really smooth and doesn't dry out my skin (urgh, why is it still snowing in the UK when it's officially Spring!!). The coverage is fantastic and it gives my skin a really gorgeous glow. Because of my horrible dry skin at the moment my foundations have been looking a little too matte, even with moisturising, but the Laura Mercier foundation doesn't have this problem at all.

My shade is 'Rose Ivory', also I am getting my hair cut asap, it's so long!
A little goes a really really long way with this foundation, I can tell it's going to last me ages (which is a good thing seeing as I spent £33 on it). It looks great when applied with a sponge, which is my favourite way of applying foundation.

This is the perfect night out foundation, it doesn't have SPF, so it doesn't make my face look shiny in photos. I love love love it!

Sunny xxxxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

'I had a lot of deadlines so I needed a treat' haul...

I probably should try not to make myself feel better after having loads of work by shopping, but I can' there. It's the Easter hols now so I can properly chillax and not have to worry about deadlines (for three weeks at least...).

So here's my totally on a whim haul:

Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, my most expensive haul item. I got this for £33 from the House of Fraser website, I've worn it once and I'm in love. Expect a very positive happy review shortly...

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Big Bang', me and my friend bought these after our Friday exam, so worth it. Gorgeous colour and it stays on for so long! I tried mine on while we watched supernatural afterwards (Dean Winchester yum yum yum) and it stayed on perfectly despite the (many) chocolate bars I nibbled on.

I got the Elemis moisturiser free with a magazine (I think Marie Clarie, but I can't remember), I have yet to try it, but I've liked Elemis products in the past.

I really really like Umberto Giannini products, so I decided to pick up the Princess Purrfect Hot Styler Spray and Perfect Beauty Finishing cream. Both products have been fantastic, but the Perfect Beauty Finishing Cream has totally transformed my hair, soooo very happy with it!

Finally I 'accidentally' bought The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I read a review highly recommending this and as I've just finished my current book I thought I'd treat myself to a new one! I can't be running out of reading material now can I?

Sunny xxxxx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Re-Gen Oil

A few months ago I bought the wonderful product that is Re-Gen cream, which I reviewed here. After lasting for absolutely ages and ages I finally finished it, when I went to buy more (I got mine from Home Bargains) I saw the Re-Gen Oil, after a quick look at some very positive reviews I thought I'd give it a go.

Firstly, a note about my skin, it's been bad recently due to a poor diet and stress, and because it took about a week for my Re-Gen Oil to arrive after the cream ran out I haven't been putting anything to fade the marks on my skin. Right now my left cheek is really bad, with red marks all over it, my right has few faded older marks, but my left is the icky one.

Compared to the cream the oil is more hassle, I don't put it on in the morning before I go out (like I would the cream) because otherwise I'd be all shiny and gross looking. Instead I use it twice a day, once when I take off my make up after getting home at the end of the day, and once right before bed. I massage the oil into my skin really thoroughly, which feels lovely and makes sure that the product really works its way into the skin.

So far I'm preferring this to the cream despite the hassle of it being an oil. It feels and looks as though it's working better at fading marks, and as an added bonus it's doing wonders for my dry skin. I'd definitely recommend this product.

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Collective Haul

I'm writing this whilst feeling completely mentally and emotionally drained after an epic 6 hour game of Lord Of The Rings Risk. I didn't even notice it had taken that long...if anyone wants a game recommendation then this is it, especially as we played the soundtrack in the background for extra awesomeness (this is what uni students do when they can't afford alcohol).

Anyway, I've bought a few things this month, not a huge amount, but for me (in my somewhat poor student state) it's a fair amount.

I got my favourite Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner in Hello Hydration, I love these, they add life and moisture to my frizzy winter dried locks.

I had a bit of a crazy 'I want to try ALL of the Boots Botanics range' thing going on, so I got the All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash, the All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll-On, the Shine Away Mattifying Gel-Cream and the Ultra Calm Skin Calming Day Cream SPF 15.

I'm a huge fan of Soap & Glory so I bought the much talked about Flake Away to replace my old body scrub (Soap & Glory's The Scrub Of Your Life), just to try it out.

I bought this months Marie Claire and got the Neal's Yard Bee Lovely handcream as a freebie (and I loveeee it so far).

I also got a couple of things from Nivea, one of my old favourites for dried out winter skin Nivea Cream, and a new favourite in the form of Nivea's Lip Butter in delicious Vanilla and Macadamia.

Finally I got some Re-Gen oil. I've been using the Re-Gen cream (and totally loving it) for months now, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the results are like from the oil.

Once I've used them all a bit I'll be reviewing most of these products :)

Sunny xxxxx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Oops, Accidentally Went AWOL

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last post, oops... I've been so busy that I haven't had any free time to post at all (total lie, I had a lot of naps :P). I have really missed posting things on here, and hopefully now I'll have more free time. Second year has suddenly gone up a notch and I'm up to my ears in coursework at the moment, but I finally have a plan and am working through it methodically.

Soooooo, what have I been up to since last I posted?
I've had two exams, one better than the other.
I've had my best friend from home visit twice (with a week gap between each visit).
I've started kayaking again after a short winter break (when it was just too cold to even think about getting in a river!)
I've had a tonne of coursework, and my first official all nighter since I started uni!
I've started pole dancing club, and my arms are killing me because of it.
And finally and most excitingly (and also what has been taking up most of my time) I've been accepted into the study abroad programme for Korea University next year! This involved a really long application process, a scary interview, incredibly happy acceptance email, and a 'pre-departure orientation day'. Now I just have to fill out a million bits of paperwork and wait for September!

I've also been really getting into natural skincare and eating and being healthy, so hopefully I should be posting some things about that soon :) Oh and I've bought things, many things, I'll have a collective haul shortly too ;)

Here's a picture of me when I was in Korea because I'm so very excited to go again!

Sunny xxxxx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mini Boots Haul

Hello again! It's been a while hasn't it? > . < I've recently discovered the arts and humanities library of my university, and have been doing all of my work up there. Usually I work in the boring 70s style science library, but last week I went up to the arts and humanities one and fell in love. It looks like Hogwarts, it has high ceilings, big wooden tables and tall bookcases between the tables filled with old books. So despite feeling like a bit of an outsider at first (being a science student after all) I've decided it's my new favourite space to work.

This week my friend visited me and we went shopping (shockingly :P). I managed to restrain myself until we popped into Boots and she found the magical discount shelf. I didn't even know there was a discount shelf until she found it! It was sneakily hidden right at the back past all the baby things. I bought five things and because I had loads of advantage card points saved up I didn't have to spend anything.

I've been wanting to try a salt spray out for ages now (Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray is on my wish list), so I decided to grab these mini Charles Worthington Front Row travel ones. I tried it on wet hair and it didn't work as well as I had hoped, probably because I was in a rush to go out and didn't blow dry it roughly enough (as per the instructions), my friend however used it dry and it really brought out her natural waves, so I'm looking forward to giving this another go.

I also picked up the Umberto Giannini Sleek & Chic Easy Straight Blow Dry Spray, and I am in love. I've used it twice now and it really does smooth and keep my hair straight when I blow dry it. This product makes my hair look like I've put more effort into it than I actually have, always a plus!

I needed a new clear nail polish, so Rimmel's Lycra Pro polish was a pretty straightforward buy. I'm giving my nails a breather at the moment so I haven't tried it yet.

Finally I decided to get a Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe. This is my first colour tattoo, despite the fact that I've been meaning to get one for months now. I really like this colour, it's a really great neutral shade, also (and somewhat weirdly) I really like the smell, not something I usually look for in an eyeshadow, but this one does smell good...

Hope you're all having a great day!

Sunny xxxxx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Perfumes : Past, Present and Future

Exams are over, lectures have started and I am finally relaxed. I've finally cleared my room of revision notes (I used my entire floor as a desk...) and I've done a huge load of laundry. And now I can blog again :) Hopefully more consistently than this past month...

I've been looking over my perfumes and thought I'd share all the perfumes I used to have, currently have, and want to have, because recently (over the past year or so) I've found myself really loving (and wanting more) perfumes. (By the by, I'm terrible at describing smells so I'm just going to say what I thought of them :P).

Past :

Lacoste Touch Of Pink - My first ever perfume, I think I got this when I was 14 or 15. I wanted it solely because of the advert...and the fact that it was pink. I used about a quarter of the bottle over the course of a year, and then decided I really didn't like it so gave it away.

Valentino Rock N Rose - This was love at first smell :P I used it all up in less than a year. I really want to buy another, it's been a few years but I'm certain I'll still love it.

Bvlgari Omina Green Jade - This perfume was a gift, and I hated it :P It didn't smell good at all. Probably because it was far too grown up for me, I gave it to my mum, but she didn't like it either...

Present :

Benefit Something About Sofia - This is a lovely floral perfume, it used to be my everyday one, but got replaced by better ones. I still really like it and sometimes wear it though. I love the bottle and occasionally spritz it on my clothes so my wardrobe smells nice.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh - My current everyday perfume. I'll wear this during the day, going to lectures, shopping or going to the library. It's such a pretty light floral scent it really does improve my mood when I wear this :) I made sure to put some on before every exam so I could sniff it if it got too stressful, it actually worked :P

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum - I bought this after smelling a sample in a magazine and falling in love with it. It's perfect for nights out clubbing or going to bars, it has that sort of late night feel to it. However I don't wear this as often as I should, even though it's really yummy.

Chanel Chance - My favourite perfume of all time (so far at least). This is grown up and gorgeous. I feel somewhat sophisticated when I wear this, and I cannot get enough with how gorgeous it is. There's something very decadent about this smell. This is definitely my most worn perfume of my current set.

Valentino Valentina - Another favourite from Valentino, I've been pining after this one for a while and my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas ^ - ^ It's gorgeous and romantic, one to wear out to a restaurant or to a nice bar.

Future :

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck - I am an embarrassingly big Taylor Swift fan and I really really want this. Just to satisfy my childish love of pretty sugary sweet pretty things :P

I'm going to go back to my book now, because I finally have time to read again! I'm thinking of maybe doing book reviews occasionally, I sort of did a half hearted one for The Return Of The King in my last monthly favourites post and I'd like to try more.

Sunny xxxxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

New Look Haul

Hello ^ - ^ Only one more exam to go! Yay :D Right now I've decided to allow myself some well deserved procrastination time so I'm writing a post :P A while ago I won a £100 voucher for new look (New Look's Shape Up Competition), and I've been slowly spending it over the past month. Here are the things I got :D (minus one t-shirt that's in the wash and a scarf I bought for a friend), because of the January sales I managed to get loads of things for my £100 ^ - ^

The first thing is this gorgeous sequined jacket. It's the kind of thing I would never buy normally, but with my voucher I decided to throw caution to the wind and get it. I'm so excited to wear it out at some point > . <

I'm in love with the colour of this top, and I really wanted to get a skater skirt, it's so cute for winter :)

Did I mention I loved this colour...? :P

Love love love these boots, and they have really thick grippy soles, perfect for the icy weather.

Finally is this pretty owl scarf, I keep buying scarves lately, I'm slightly obsessed...

Hmm I should really get back to revision... I'm so very very very excited for Thursday at 2pm when I will be walking out of my last January exam > . < So close and yet so far :P

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tony Moly BB Cream Review

Oh My Goodness. I am broken. I no longer feel like a real human, just an exam drone. Is there no end? (Technically yes, but next Thursday is so incredibly far away I don't know if I'll ever get there). I've done my two 'easy' exams and have two appallingly difficult ones coming up > . <  I've been missing my blog lately, it's so unloved and sad :P

My skin has decided to join in on the breakdown my brain seems to be having right now. I normally have normal to oily skin, which I understand and know how to deal with (annoying as it is). But for the past week my skin has decided to go incredibly (and rather painfully dry). The exam stress, ridiculous weather (Oh Wales, why must you be so chilly beans?), and central heating has seriously messed with my skin.

The last time my skin was like this was during my trip to South Korea a few months ago, and while I was there I picked up Toly Moly's Expert Hyaluronic Acid BB Cream to use instead of my normal tinted moisturiser. For the past few days of dry skin I've been using this, and loving it.

Firstly it's moisturising and doesn't make my skin look flaky or accentuate the dryness in any way. It feels really lovely and smooth to apply and smells quite strongly of sun block at first, but this fades after a little while.

As a BB cream the coverage isn't fantastic, but it does even out my skin tone and make me look less red and icky. However being made for Asian skin tones it can look a bit grey if I use too much. It leaves the skin with a nice dewy finish, and though I haven't worn it for long enough to test it has lasted me as long as I've needed it so far (usually I'm out and about for about 4-5 hours).

Blended into my hand
I've tried wearing this while my skin has been normal (i.e. oily), and I really didn't get along with it. As it is really moisturising and fairly thick it can accentuate oiliness. However for my skin right now it's brilliant.

Sunny xxxxx

(P.S. my revision for this mornings exam, I would burn it in celebration, but I'm scared in case I've failed and have to retake > . <)

Profound sadness...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

December Favourites

So this is kind of late... I've been super busy since New Years revising like a crazy person. It only hit me after Christmas that these exams actually count > . < I wish I could be a first year again... I'm probably not going to be blogging an awful lot until February (unless of course the exams kill me), but I'll try to do a few posts, mainly to keep myself from completely losing my marbles from too much revision - _ -

Last month I didn't really have many favourites, but I did discover some new skincare, which I've fallen so very much in love with, and although it isn't a new discovery I have been really loving my shampoo and conditioner too.

Firstly are my three Body Shop Seaweed products. I'm in love. I went out and bought the Ionic Clay Mask after Christmas because I loved my moisturiser and toner so much. I've noticed such a difference in my skin, it's not nearly as shiny looking as it used to be, even at the end of the day and with no other product on my face. The mask has really helped to clear up my post Christmas/New Years skin as well. If you have oily/combination skin I could not recommend these products more!

Next is an old favourite, Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft shampoo and conditioner. This is formulated for dry/frizzy hair so it's right up my street, especially in winter. It feels really luxurious (and smells yummy!). This is my favourite of the Herbal Essences range because it makes my hair feel so soft and lovely afterwards.

Finally for my very short December favourites is The Return Of The King. I started reading this a couple of weeks before Christmas and finished it the night before Christmas, it was so good I stayed up really late and was incredibly sleepy on Christmas day :P So worth it though. I'd seen the films before I read the books and I have to say the books are so much better! Especially because Eowyn and Faramir (two characters I never really liked in the film) are so amazing in the book! I love both of them incredible amounts :P I'm just sad that it's over now :(

Now I'd better get back to revising *sigh* hopefully it won't be too long until I find time to blog again...

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Presents!

I'm back home after what seems like ages (although it was only just over a week). Back to revision and my little furry babies <3 I had an interesting New Years, it was really good fun, but there were some bits that were just strange :P I went to visit one of my friends and it was great to catch up again after so long ^ - ^

Anywayy presents! I've already posted about my main present, the gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell Litas, so here are the other things I got for Christmas :)

I was given three books this year: My Passion For Water (such pretty pictures in this one ^ - ^), Life Of Pi (I've been meaning to read this for ages and ages) and a gluten free cookbook (I really need to start cooking more exciting food). My cousin and his wife gave me a set of flavoured vodka :P I can't wait until after exams so I can drink these! My Aunt and Uncle gave me a pretty blue bracelet, and my other cousin gave me a HUGE jar of bon bons :P

My boyfriend gave me Valentino's Valentina perfume, I've been pining over this for ages, it's just so pretty ^ - ^ I was very happy when I unwrapped it as he'd remembered :P

In my stocking I got some adorably packaged Fortnum and Mason sweeties, I've got a little collection of sweets in pretty jars, so I'm going to try not to eat them :P  I also got a gorgeous smelling candle (Holly Berry), a silver bracelet, and some Jack Wills sticky notes (useful for all the revision I've been doing - _ -).

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! This past year has been fantastic, so I'm excited to see what's in store for me this year :)

Sunny xxxxx