Friday, 11 November 2011

Visiting Friends and Clubbing Make Up

Hello ^ - ^ Woooosh, it's been a busy week! On Sunday I travelled down to Reading to visit my friends and the train journey was 6 hours!!! Luckily I had a book (Dracula by the way :P) to read, so I was quite happy :) I could only stay for four days because I still have uni work to do here, but it was a great four days :D Best of all my best friend let me borrow her gorgeous Jack Wills dress (which I have been pining over for months :P) to wear out :D Yay!

Today was literally a whole day of working in the lab (I do biology btw :P) so I was quite sleepy when I got home. The fact that the days are getting shorter isn't helping either - _ - I like everything else about winter EXCEPT the short days :( It makes me sad when it feels like night time too early! Oh well :P I guess it just means more time to cuddle up in bed ^ - ^.

Yesterday my mum sent me another parcel :) I think she must be missing me because I got lots of treats :D. She sent me some new socks, chocolates, pretty hair clips and best of all Porefessional from Benefit. I was so happy ^ - ^ I've been telling my mum for a month now how I was going to save up to buy it (it's around £23, so too expensive for a poor student like me XD) so I was just so pleased to see that she'd remembered :) I definitely need to get my mum a fantastic Christmas present now! :P

I've been using Porefessional for a few days now and I love it so much > . < It's amazing. It's a light tan colour when it comes out of the tube, but blends really well into skin. The texture is amazingly light and silky, it made my face feel so nice! :P Obviously the purpose of the product is to minimise pores and I can say that this worked for me. I'm a little self conscious about my nose pores and this product made them look either tiny or non existent. I am literally in love and really recommend it XD

So tomorrow is one of my friends birthday :) She lives on the floor above me so we're all going to celebrate in her kitchen and then go out a bit later. I decided that I want to wear my eye make up a bit darker and more dramatic than usual, so I decided to try out this look:

Firstly I started with my new favourite Porefessional by Benefit, over the areas which need it. For me my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Next I used my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21 all over my face and down my neck (to avoid having a different colour face to the rest of me XD). After that I went and covered any blemishes with my Witch Hazel concealer in 01 natural, and my dark under eye circles with Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer in 001 ivory. I then dotted Benefits high beam onto my cheekbones and brow bones, and blended to make them stand out more. I finally set my face with my Natural Collection pressed powder in neutral.

For my eyes I started by priming them with Benefit Lemon Aid all over the lid to keep the eyeshadow in place. I then lined the inner rim of my upper lid using my Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil liner in 061 jet black. I then covered my entire lid in a shimmery gold cream eyeshadow, I used Benefits Tattle Tale. This was to create a little shimmer and colour to my otherwise dark lids. I then used my Bourjois Smoky Eyes palette for the dark eye shadows. I used the medium grey colour all over my lid, but keeping strictly to the lid. Then I used the black in the outer corners, extending slightly at the outer corners to elongate the eyes. I tried to make this part quite neat, but still a little smoky so it didn't look to harsh. I then blended the eyeshadow on my eyelid, but not on the extended outer part, this softened the eye slightly. Then I went back to my pencil liner, lined my top lid and then the waterline and just underneath of my bottom lid, making sure it joined up to the elongated part of the eyeshadow. In the inner corners of my eyes I joined the inner line of eyeliner to create a full circuit around the inner rims of my eyes. I put a dab of gold tattle tale on the inner corner of my eyes to make them appear brighter, and a small dot of gold eyeshadow (blended) into the middle of my eyelid to make my eyes appear larger. Finally I coated my top and bottom lashes in my Benefit Bad Gal mascara.

I decided to leave my lips bare, with just a small dab of uncoloured lip balm so that the look wasn't too overwhelming.

Have a great weekend ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx

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