Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Exams, exams, exams and a bit of make up too

URGH. It's time for exams. Which means it's time for lots and lots of revision *major sadface* I have three exams and one essay over the next two weeks > . < So scared! I'm going to literally not go out at all, I will be a gremlin hiding in my room :D Next week I'll be hopefully going to visit my best friend after my last exam ^ - ^ I am ignoring the HUGE train prices :P

Today I had two lectures on worms, I turned up to the first one, but when the lecturer said the next would be on earthworms I just went home XD I cannot handle that, far too icky! So I had a massive shop and a nap :P

I was just revising, but I decided to have a break and do this instead. I created a smoky eye night time/clubbing look. I think I'm just pining because I want to go out somewhere XD. I love smoky dark eyes at night, because it makes your eyes look really intense and stand out. I didn't use a lot for this look and it was really quick and simple, because if you make a mess you can just blend it out :P

I started by concealing my UBER EPIC under eye circles (hello lack of sleep :P) with my Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer in 001 Ivory. I just smooth it under my eyes with my ring fingers so it's more gentle. Then I primed my eyelids with Lemon Aid by Benefit.

For my eyes I used my Smoky Eyes trio eyeshadow palette by Bourjois in 01 gris dandy. I love this mini palette, it has a silver, grey and black, all shimmery and really pretty. I started by putting the silver up to my browbone, and then the grey on the outer half of my lid, concentrating on the crease and blending to get rid of harsh lines. Finally I put the black on my crease and under my eye in a V shape. To make this more intense I used my Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner in 061 jet black to go over this V. I blended like crazy. Then I lined halfway along my waterline at the outer edge, only up to where the V ends.  I also lined my upper lash line and blended to add more definition to my eyes. Because my eyes were pretty dark by now I added a dash of white eyeshadow in my inner corners, to open and brighten my eyes. I used my white eyeshadow from my Topshop Eyes palette. Finally I added loads and loads and loads of mascara, for added drama and a complete look.

This proves just how awful revision is XD I can't wait until the end of next week when it'll all be over ^ - ^ ....for a few weeks anyway :P

Sunny xxxxx

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