Thursday, 24 November 2011

Copper Eyes and a Depressing New Found Talent

Hello ^ - ^ Yikes, what a week, I've had SO MUCH WORK > . < But I've handed in everything which needed to be handed in now, so I deserve a break :P I love that relaxed feeling you get after you've handed in a major assignment. So peaceful, it doesn't even matter what mark I get, it's done :) (well the mark doesn't matter until I actually find out and have to jump off the pier).

Earlier today in an IT skills lesson (which I hate) I was told repeatedly that I have 'a gift with excel'. Um what? A gift with excel? No thank you, thanks. Some people are talented at music, or art, or sports. But not me. I have the talent of being able to make beautiful complicated graphs on excel. Yay. I think I might take this one back to the talent shop and exchange it for something a bit nicer :P

I bought a train ticket home and a HUGE suitcase yesterday :D I can't believe it's only three and a bit weeks until I go home for the Christmas holidays, AND I have a new house, which is a bit weird. I am looking forward to decorating my new bedroom though ^ - ^

Today out of nothing else but not wanting to go food shopping (such a chore) I made this cute copper eyes look. I was just thinking of a simple look I could wear to my friends birthday next week, which will definitely involve bars and clubs. I have a Collection 2000 angelic palette and the bottom row of it has two gorgeously glimerry coppery brown shades, so I thought, WANT THESE ON MY EYES... but not that weird :P

Here's what happened:

I did my normal face routine of Porefessional (my new baby <3 ), BB cream, blemish concealer and under eye concealer. I then bronzed under my cheekbones to create a contour, and then under my jawline and a little up to my temples. This really helps with the copper/bronze theme of the look.

For my eyes I primed with Lemon Aid, then added my Benefit Creaseless Cream in Tattle Tale, a gorgeous shimmery gold cream, I smoothed this on right up to my browbone. Then I used a matte yellow/sand colour and added it just in my inner corners, so my eyes wouldn't appear too close together. After that I used a gorgeous shimmery bronze all over the rest of my lid. To add depth I used the dark shimmery brown in my outer corners and crease, and extended it a little bit upwards to make the look more 'night time'. Then I blended like crazzzzzzy, to get rid of icky harsh lines. I then added a little more of the bronze onto the centres of my eyes, to make sure that it was REALLY glimmery :P

I lined under my top lashes with a soft black pencil liner, to make my lashes look thicker. I used a liquid eyeliner and lined all along my top lashes, corner to corner, with a teensy flick at the outer edge. Then I went back to the pencil liner and lined my waterline, connecting to the outer and inner corners. I added the shimmery bronze under my eyes a little and then lined under my bottom lashes. I smoked this out, so my eyes didn't look too bottom heavy. Finally I added a load of mascara.

My lips are really simple, I used a light nude/pink, so they looked a little nuder than my natural lip colour (my lips are quite red naturally) to emphasise the eyes.

I might have a little nap now...I don't suit waking up at's unnatural :P

Sunny xxxxx

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