Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Time, New Boots and Nail Polish

It's getting very very very cold! ^ - ^ I'm going home in a few days, and I can't wait :) As much as I've enjoyed my first term of uni, I am looking forward to going home and seeing my pets! I only have one exam this week (tomorrow eeeeeeeep!) and then I'm free (ignoring the January exams of course :P). I have to start packing all my stuff on Thursday > . < I hate packing :P

Earlier this week there was a funfair in town! It was really teeny tiny, but it had a few good rides. My friends went on a huge one with two arms which swung you around...I stayed on the ground and held their bags :P I don't think I like heights too much :P. I did get a chance to play on some of the rides though :D I almost lost my hat on a couple and had to tie my shoes up extra extra tight to stop them from flying off :P

Speaking of shoes my darling blue boots from New Look last year have officially died *cries*. I've worn them so much that the sole has completely worn out. :( They're not waterproof anymore, the final straw was my feet getting soaked through :P I can't handle that. To replace them I got these cuties from River Island for £35. They're black lace up suede boots with grippy soles (definitely good on all these icy hills :P) they have a small wedge as well which I really like, it's always good to be a bit taller ;)

My only other new item this month (I'm poor because of Christmas :P) is this cute Nails Inc. nail polish in Basil Street. It's a really cute nude pink colour and I've been wearing it non stop. I love how elegant and understated it looks. It really enhances any outfit. I really love Nails Inc. varnishes, I need to buy more! :P

That's my short, end of term at uni post, hopefully I'll have more over Christmas, what with all the presents :P Hehehe <3

Sunny xxxxx

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  1. i love your new shoes! especially because they have a wedge, im quite short too! thank you for following my blog!