Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sleeping Late and Eating Chocolate

Today I slept until 11, I had a lecture at 9....oopsie XD I did go to the second part of it later, so I was almost good....

I really need to start being productive, my essay is due in 3 days, and I haven't even started it, today will be my last day of procrastinating. Hopefully :P I tried to be good with my laundry, but the machine kept eating my money - _ - it'll save for another day, I have enough clothes :P

So the majority of my day was spent chillaxing in my bed, curled up with my boyfriend eating chocolate and watching old Disney films. No better way to spend a day in my opinion XD It did result in me eating an entire cookie Galaxy bar all by myself...ooopsie XD I promise i'll start exercising tomorrow! > . <

Yesterday I went out with my friend to a social for one of her clubs, it was quite relaxed and informal, so I wore my Mon Amour t-shirt, jeans and moccasins. I was feeling in a wintry French mood, so I added my back beret style hat and I wore flicked out eyeliner :)

For my face I used Witch Hazel concealer, Missha BB Cream, Rimmel concealer (for under eye circles) and my Natural Collection powder.

I wanted my eyelids to be bare, with just the eyeliner standing out. I wore Lemon Aid by Benefit over the whole lid to prevent them looking red and as a base for the eyeliner. Then I lined under the lashes on my top lids with Rimmel London black soft Kohl eyeliner, for the top I used my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in 1, Black ink. I flicked the edges out slightly, for a more dramatic look.

I wanted my lips to be a bit deeper in colour than usual, but I didn't want lipstick, so I chose my Benetint red lip balm from Benefit to add colour to my lips.

Not a very complex look, but I felt like having a simpler face :P

Sunny xxxxx

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  1. Very cute! And I'm in love with your hat!