Friday, 31 August 2012

Birthday Funtimes!

Allo allo, it's been a while hasn't it? I've been away visiting my lovely boyfriend and friends for my birthday. I stayed at his for a week (we baked a cake ^ - ^) and now I'm at my mums due to go shopping in London tomorrow (wooo!). I'll leave my birthday hauling until I'm back home as my dad is giving me my pressie when I get back.

For my birthday a few of us went out to the pub, moved to a bar and ended up in a club (well bar/club). It was a really lovely evening and I was so excited to see all my friends again after so long!

Because one of my besties has her birthday the day before mine it turned into a two day event :P Needless to say I needed a lot of recovery time afterwards :P

With my bestie Las

With Daydreamer
We realllllly liked posing in front of the bathtub...
There are more photos...but they get progressively drunker and drunker, and no one wants to see that :P

Hopefully I should be back to normal blogging soon :P

Sunny xxxxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Healthy Living : Pilates

Hello ^ - ^ I've recently decided to try and be healthier this year (this coming academic year that is). I've started early, slowly working myself into the healthy lifestyle over this month. I don't think I'd be able to completely change overnight into a totally healthy person :P

Last year I was a fresher and I put on weight, not an awful lot, but enough that my favourite skinny jeans wouldn't button up (THAT was a bad day). But fortunately/unfortunately around the same time I developed an intolerance to gluten which I wasn't aware of for about 4 months. This along with my holiday (I always lose weight on holiday) made me able to fit into my jeans again! But this was not the healthy way to do things :P

So this year I've decided to try and live the healthiest lifestyle I can manage. And by that I mean that I will still be drinking, still be eating chocolate and cheese, and still be enjoying myself. But a bit differently.

So the first thing that I've changed has been my exercise regime. I've been on a couple of runs, but it tends to take me quite a while to get into the swing of running. One thing that I've been able to get into right away (every other day for the past two weeks, excluding the weekends - my lazy days) has been pilates.

I'd recommend pilates to anyone who wants to exercise, but doesn't because 1) it's boring, 2) they want to stay in the house or 3) they don't see results fast enough. Firstly pilates isn't boring because the exercises are all differnt and require some amount of concentration to do. Secondly all you need is a mat and your living room floor, I've been using a beach towel, but am considering buying a cheap yoga mat. And finally I noticed results after a week. My stomach looks flatter and when I tense I can see muscles! (and no I don't have, or want, a six pack :P). I've also become a lot more flexible, before I couldn't touch my toes, but now I can have straight legs and put my palms flat on the ground :D

You can go to pilates classes at your local gym, or buy a dvd, but as someone addicted to youtube I found my pilates lessons there :P I've been using POP pilates there are loads of different videos, ones for beginners or more experienced people, full body workouts and individual body part exercises. I've been doing a full body workout every other day, plus either a legs, bum, abs or arms workout, alternating each time.

The most satisfying part about pilates is the ache you get the day after. I love it because it means I've actually worked hard and soon the parts which are aching will be all lovely and toned :D I'm definitely going to carry on at uni, but I'll be trying to add some running, as I don't know how much my housemates will appreciate a sweaty exercising girl on the living room floor every other day... :P

"And what is the use of a book (or blog post)," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

This is just one part of my new healthy living thing I've got going on. If you guys are interested I was thinking about doing posts on other things, especially fooooood :P Let me know!

Sunny xxxxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Back To Uni Haul

I'm going back to uni in less than a month > . < I'm so so so excited :D I'll be moving into a house with three of my friends and I can't wait! I managed to convince my dad that I needed some new stationary in order to work (pretty stationary really does help!) so I got a few bits and bobs to help me with next year.

I got these plastic folders from paperchase, after a lecture I normally lose the bits of paper I've been writing notes on, or I leave them in the paper pad and forget about them for ages. So I thought if I can put them in one of these folders they'll be easier to keep track of. Then there's the good quality paper. As a poor student last year I was using WHSmiths own paper, which was like writing on tissue paper. Impossible to write on both sides and ripped easily. Thick good quality paper is a must for me.

Next is my year planner. After last year I decided I needed one, no question. Last year I wrote anything important on a piece of paper and shoved it into a bag. Especially bad if I'd written assignments or recommended books on these little pieces of paper. And I was always losing track of events I was going to (wayyy more important to remember these :P). So next year my life will be organised in this cute Paperchase academic year diary.

I got a letter organiser too, mainly because it's adorable. I'm torn about this, I don't know whether to use it for my make up palettes or to actually organise letters... I have a feeling it'll be used for make up :P Seeing as I seriously need to organise it all > . <

Finally I got a few little bits and bobs, probably not incredibly interesting (except for the panda highlighters!!!).

This weekend I'm headed off to visit my friends for my birthday :D Very looking forward to it, not looking forward to being 20 quite so much...I'm going to miss being a grumpy teenager :P

Sunny xxxxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Firmoo Glasses

Hello ^ - ^ A few weeks ago Firmoo contacted me about getting free glasses, which was literally perfect timing as I had an annoying chip in one of the lenses of my current glasses and was going to buy some new ones anyway.

My glasses arrived this morning (after I'd filled in the order form with my prescription just a few days before, super speedy delivery), and I've been wearing them all day. I really like them, they're comfy and I can just forget that they're on.

Firmoo's glasses are really well priced, many being between $10 and $20 (there are other more expensive ones too). I did expect this to mean that my glasses would be horrible and cheap looking and feeling, but they're really not. For the quality the pricing is really good, especially as if I had bought some after my eye appointment last week I would have been paying between £80 and £100 for some new glasses.

One of my favourite things about the site is the 'try it on' bit. You can upload your photo and virtually try on your glasses before you buy them. I spent ages doing this because I am very picky :P It's nice to do it online instead of feeling like you're being a nuisance taking up the salesperson's time in the store :P (I once spent 40 minutes choosing glasses...). I chose my glasses based more on comfort this time around (I wanted them with bigger lenses than my last ones) so these could be for studying more than just fashion. But when I showed them to my boyfriend on skype he said all I need to do is shave half my hair and I'd be Skrillex...I personally don't see it :P

Along with my glasses I got a hard case, a cleaning cloth, a fabric pouch and spare screws. I love that all this was included, especially the screws as I have a habit of sitting/stepping on my glasses.

Finally Firmoo is doing a great free glasses for new buyers programme, check it out here. For more information about Firmoo check out their facebook.

Sunny xxxxx

(Disclaimer bit : All views expressed here are my own, but you'd probably guessed that anyway)

Monday, 13 August 2012

Would You Rather Beauty Tag

I got tagged by the lovely Sammy at Sammys Space! to do this tag, and I thought it looked like fun! Right now I have a very purry cat wedged between me and my laptop (why do they always do that?) he's happy, and I'm slightly uncomfortable, but happy too :P

Before I start I also wanted to say how amazing I thought the closing ceremony was! It looked like a massive party, not as spectacular as the opening ceremony of course, but more fun and casual. Plus it had the Spice Girls (mini squeal) and Eric Idle, that's just awesome in my opinion :P

So on with the questions :

1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up, or nice hair and no make-up?
If it's a night out then definitely messy hair and nice make-up, my hair tends to just get itself very messy when I start dancing (normally overenthusiastically :P)

2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
I dislike this question :P Um, if I had to then I'd have my eyelashes fall out, as then they'd grow back and eventually be the same, shaving my eyebrows would just ruin them > . <

3. Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
As there are no Sephora's in England I'm not really sure what they're like, but from what I've heard I'd say shop at Sephora for the rest of my life.

4. Would you rather wear the lipgloss/lipliner look or 80's perm?
8o's perm, without a doubt. I'm thinking Jennifer Grey dirty dancing style, that would be fun :P

5. Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
I'd have a squirrel gnaw my face off...but if I was forced then overdone blush, I could claim I was a part time clown for children's parties maybe...

6. Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?
MC Hammer pants! If I had some (and was drunk enough) I'd do that anyway :P

7. Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
Weird tan lines that can't be covered, at least you'd be a normal colour so people would think you'd been on an awesome holiday.

8. Would you rather have a bad haircut or bad hair colour?
Bad haircuts can be adjusted and styled, bad hair colours are just there.

9. Would you rather have blogger or twitter taken away forever?
Seeing as I've forgotten about my twitter for the past few months and haven't noticed, I'd say twitter :P

10. Would you rather give up using makeup brushes or mascara?
Mascara, I could use natural looking falsies, but make up brushes are just necessary.

I tag anyone and everyone who gets the urge to do this (because I'm incredibly lazy and a little bit sleepy).

I like posts with pictures, so here is an unrealted photo of some kittens on my bed.
Sunny xxxxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gifts From South Africa

Hello ^ - ^ My dad got back from his holiday in South Africa this morning, I was woken up rather early by Tolly barking very enthusiastically at the door - _ - As I'd been awake until 4am watching the meteor showers (it was quite cloudy but I saw a few) I was not a happy bunny.  However once my dad had sat down and had a cup of tea I perked up because he'd bought me presents :D

Ever since I was little and my dad used to go on business trips a lot I'd invented the rule that if he was out of the country he had to get me a souvenir (don't worry I do the same back :P) so I was looking forward to my South Africa goodies :D

My dad's obsessed with penguins so he got me this cute keyring, it's huge so when I attach it to my keys hopefully I won't lose them so easily :P

Then there are the two necklaces, one is made of bone and is supposed to be a seal (I think...). The second is made of beads and paper rolled up, it has newspaper, magazines and even price stickers in it!

Finally I got a 'Great White Sharks No Swimming' magnet and lots and lots of leaflets on different companies which offer White Shark cage diving trips. My dad told me that if I find a good one (i.e. a company focused on education and conservation instead of exploitation and making money) then he'd take me at some point. It's been my dream ever since I was about 8 years old to swim with sharks so maybe a 21st birthday pressie? *fingers crossed* :P

Finally I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of my readers and followers. A few days ago I reached 200 followers and over 10'000 page views. Thank you to everyone who reads, follows and comments :) It really means a lot to me <3 Love you all!

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment Review

Hello :) I've had such an unbelievably long and tiring day today > . < I'm so glad I'm finally home to sit down and relax! I had an eye test booked for today, which meant I had to get into the city centre. Because I can't drive this meant a 45 minute walk to the train station, 15 minute train journey and then 20 minutes to walk to Specsavers. Not too bad, but still a little bit of effort (especially as my legs were burning after yesterdays pilates), when I arrived though the receptionist told me that my appointment was for 2:45 not 12:45... Needless to say I got very bored, I wasn't allowing myself to shop so I went to the cathedral and sat on a bench in the grounds for an hour and a half, it was actually quite nice, just a bit cold :P

Long story short, I got my eyes tested eventually, got a new prescription, went home, ate chocolate. I am now rather happy.

So for the last month or so (I think...) I've been using the BareMinerals night treatment every night before bed. This is a bit of a strange product, but I like it.

When I first started using this I found the concept really odd, it's a fine powder which you buff all over you face as the last step of your routine before bed. At first I was paranoid that I'd have to sleep flat on my back (which I hate) or else the product would rub off, however this product stays on no matter how much a wiggle around in my sleep. The only time I've noticed it rubbing off has been when I occasionally use my eye mask (I don't have curtains).

I have the clear version, there are pigmented ones, but I found those wayyyy too odd :P I'd feel funny about wearing something with coverage to bed. However I can see when I have it on as it gives my face a very light sheen, but you'd only notice if you were really looking.

I can definitely see the benefits of using this powder already. My skin has improved quite a bit, the texture and overall look of my skin just seem better. I still have blemishes, (mainly on my chin because my hormones have been a little bit crazzzzzy recently) but I really think that this treatment helps to fade the red marks faster.

The pot it comes in is half product half brush. The brush is very dense and very soft, perfect for buffing the product into the skin. Despite the product only being in the bottom half of the tub there really is quite a lot of it, mine still looks full after quite a lot of use. I can imagine this lasting me the rest of the year, which is a good thing because it costs £45. I bought this after a lot of umm-ing and ah-ing, and although I do think that it's worth it, and I will repurchase, it is pricey.

Overall this powder hasn't completely magically overhauled my skin, but it has improved it quite a bit, I would recommend this product to anyone willing to pay the £45 price tag. Oh and also, it smells like butterscotch Angel Delight, delicious :)

Sunny xxxxx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mini Day Out Haul

My mum's just left after visiting for the weekend (alone again now *sadface*). But I had a really lovely time whilst she was here, and I got a few presents! (Yay :P). We both decided we deserved a few nice things whilst we were out, but we didn't go too crazy :P

I fell in love with these Faith heels when I first saw them. I decided to leave them for a while to browse other things, but in the end I had to go back and get them! I adore them * - * I have my shoes for my birthday night out, now I just need the rest of the outfit!

The Fat Face scarf was a total impulse buy, but I love it. The orange and pink look so lovely against the white, and as I've been wearing scarfs loads this summer I thought I'd treat myself to another :P

I really wanted a large round brush to try and tame my unruly hair, I love the soft waves look, I just need to practice it first :P

Less excitingly I also picked up a pair of brown leather flats for everyday (forgot to take a photo :P) and a couple of vests because I always seem to need them.

I had such a lovely day browsing lots and lots of shops :) Yesterday me and my mum bought white chocolate ice cream (soooo lovely) and watched Bride Wars and Kick Ass, a very good film day :P

I'm looking forward to more shopping trips now :P Once I start buying things I really can't stop myself :P

Sunny xxxxx

Friday, 3 August 2012

Smoky Night Out Look

Hello :) Last night I had such an great dream last night, I made friends with Doctor Who on a bus and we looked after farmyard animals together, I woke up and was just like ohhh :( I wish it was real :P (Mainly because I'm a litttttttttle bit in love with Matt Smith).

Anywayyy, I decided to have a little play with my Bourjois Smoky Eyes trio, I love these eyeshadows and I'd really recommend them. I have 01 Gris Dandy, which is perfect for nights out. I'll definitely be wearing this look next time I go out.

It was quite sunny so my eye looks quite a creepy blue...
For my lips I used my Mac lipglass in pink clash to keep the attention on the eyes.

As ever, playing with my make up has made me realllllly crave going out. In just over 3 weeks it'll be my birthday and I'll be able to go out and have fun > . <. I love being at home, but I can't wait until uni again :P I miss going out so much...

Not a lot going on at the moment really, I couldn't sleep last night so I sorted out my sock drawer into little storage boxes because it was so full and messy. I only ever seem to organise or tidy in the middle of the night...maybe I'm a vampire cleaner?

Sunny xxxxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites

Today is my house cleaning day (I live a very wild life style...), I'm planning to hoover all the ginger fluff my darling doggy leaves around the house - _ - and sort the kitchen out *sighs* At least I've been downloading loads of music (some of which I'm listening to right now, and pausing between typing to have a dance and sing a long :P).

I have been LOVING my bareMinerals night treatment this month, I can see a difference, my skin isn't perfect (awful messed up hormones > . <) but it's looking so much better than before I'd been using it :D Very happy with this product, I'll be doing a full review soon :).

Recently I've been actually bothering to use my eyelash curlers (I got mine from Muji), usually I'm really lazy and skip them, but using them this month has reminded me how brilliant this little tool is. With Benefit's Bad Gal mascara I get lovely long lashes. (Btw, this one is a freebie from a magazine, I ran out of the full size so I'll need to buy a new one soon).

Recently I've been using this Vaseline lip balm a lot, it's a little pigmented and really helps me look more lively and less washed out in the mornings :P Great for helping dry lips look pretty again :)

I loved that one week of pure sunshine England experienced this month. I got to wear my sunnies and sunscreen! I almost tanned (I sort of got tan lines :P). It was beautiful AND I got to go to the beach, although it was during the oyster festival so it smelled a bit fishy :P

One of my favourite songs from my massive downloading spree this month has been The Vaccines 'If you wanna', it's featured on the Rimmel Advert with Kate Moss and I can't stop listening to it :P I have sort of seen The Vaccines live in Leeds last year, I say sort of because it was on my birthday and I was smashed out of my skull so I don't really remember it :P Still a great day/evening :P

Finally my absolute favourite bean of the month (and all time too) is the reason why I'm living on my own for two weeks in the middle of the countryside. My little sweetie Tolly dog <3 He's asleep on my bedroom floor right now ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx