Monday, 19 December 2011

New House, Pets and JANUARY EXAMS

I'm home! Yays :) Except that we've moved and I have a new house, so it's not the home I left :P I've spent the last couple of days unpacking boxes (so boring) but finally my bedroom is starting to look more like my own :)

I'm back with my pets! I've missed having fluffy things wandering around, at uni it's so pet-less :( So sad. I had forgotten just how much dog fur gets on my clothes though - _ - I need three clothes brushes to make my clothes not ginger and fluffy anymore.... Technically the pets aren't allowed upstairs, but I let my cat up last night to nap on my bed, shhh :P

I went Christmas shopping yesterday (woo Christmas :P) and got two Rimmel products : a red lipstick from the Kate Moss range in 01, I've been wanting a statement red lipstick for ages, I think it's especially good for the holidays, very festive :) I also got a lip liner in 024 red diva, for the lipstick. I got the lipstick for £5, on sale down from £6.50 and the lip liner for £3.99, so not really pricey :P

I'm writing this as a break from's so very very boring :P After a while I just want to curl up and sleep :P Once my January exams are over I might reward myself with a shopping spree I probably can't afford ;P

Merry Christmas!

Sunny xxxxx

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