Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fireworks and Cocktails

Bonfire night was last night ^ - ^ So that meant lots and lots and lots of fireworks!!! My favourite :D I went with my friends and boyfriend, but me and my boyfriend went off to buy some glow sticks (because we are very mature XD) and lost everyone else in the crowd. We did have a great time though :) I love fireworks because it always reminds me of how much I loved going to see them when I was little, especially with all the little kids screaming and clapping every time a firework went off. There was a little girl in front of us who shouted 'BANG' every time a firework went off > . < So cute!! There was an amazing bit where a firework got caught and went off sideways over the sea and exploded, it was so pretty reflecting on the water...but very lucky it went that way instead of into us XD

The night before I went out with my girl friends to have a cocktail night! We visited a really cute bar called Piranha Lounge, with a tank of piranhas of course. I had five sex on the beaches because I had a buy on get one free Piranha card and a few shots of baileys and pink sambuca, yummmmy :D We managed to somehow get into a club after that :P It was a great evening except for the massive purple bruise on my knee, which is a total mystery... :S

I'm going to visit a friend in Reading this week :D I actually have to leave for the train in an hour XD I should probably get changed out of my pajamas :P I keep forgetting, but I really really really intend to put more of my make up looks on here :P

Sunny xxxxx

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