Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Eyeliners And A Winter Cold

> . < Yup it's officially winter I have decided, I have my first proper winter cold of the year (well this half of the year) and it's ick. Although being curled up in bed all day, skipping lectures and eating soup can be quite fun :P Outside the air definitely has the cold prickle, maybe snow soon?

I'm curled up in my boyfriends massive hoodie ^ - ^ I love stealing his stuff, boy hoodies are just so much snugglier than girl hoodies (which is why I actually own a big Jack Daniels hoodie as well :P).

I thought I'd share my favourite (and not so favourite) eyeliners. I love eyeliner, it really highlights and brings out your eyes, it can make them look sexy, cute, big, awake or smart. It's one of my favourite pieces of make up. There are loads of different types of eyeliners out there, so here are just a few I own:

8) Neal's Yard Remedies Eyeliner (pencil, black)
I thought I'd start with my least favourite eye liner. I don't like this because it's so difficult to get any definition out of. I find I have to press really hard (not good for the eye area) and even then the colour looks really thin and pale. Even when I press it really hard on my hand the colour payoff isn't great. I was really disappointed in this eye liner *sadface* because it looks really pretty and is 37% organic, so it seems like it would be better considering the quality.

7) Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner (pencil, 064 Stormy Grey)
This eyeliner is a massive step up from the NYR one, it's great for a less intense look than black, has good colour payoff without having to press too hard. One issue is that it doesn't last especially long, but it's little so I can just pop it into my bag and reapply if I need to. It's only this low down because I don't really wear grey too often.

6) Eyeko Glitter (liquid, silver)
What can I say about this except GLITTTERRRRR!!!!!!! :P Okay, so maybe glitter isn't the most sophisticated look in the world, but it is one of the most fun. This is quite thin, so it's good for just a little bit of glitter, compared to just a massive line of pure glitter. It's also great for adding teeny dots or embellishments to clubbing make up, where you want the light to make your eyes more dazzling.

5) Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen (pen, black)
Firstly, the packaging is really, really cute, it has hearts and stars all over it ^ - ^ I do admit that this did sway my decision to buy this eyeliner XD. When I first got this I was a bit like meh. Nothing too exciting, but recently I've been using it more often and I do really like it. It does have problems though, you do have to reapply a few times to get a really decent colour, and the pen tip can feel a little dry. However it's really good for getting super clear precise lines, I especially love how easy it is to make a thin sharp line with this.

4) Natural Collection Eye Lines (pencil, white)
I love this eyeliner because it wasn't too pricey (about £2-3 if I remember correctly) but it really does the job well. It has a good clear colour, glides on well and lasts reasonably well (with a little touching up needed if I wear it for too long). I think a white eyeliner is essential for when I have a meeting with my tutor and I need to look awake and not look as though I've spent all night just finishing my assignment :P It's also good for a base when using REALLY bright costume eye make up.

3) Rimmel Soft Kohl (pencil, 061 black)
Yes, this is technically the same one as earlier but in a different colour, but I still love it. It's my general everyday eyeliner (which is why it's so much shorter than the rest XD). It has a great colour, goes on easily, and lasts a while (I always take it in my bag when I go on a night out because it can smudge/fade easily). Overall though it's fantastic, and so easy.

2) L'Oreal Superliner (liquid, black)
We're getting to the top of my list now :P I adore this eyeliner oh so much. L'oreal had a buy one get one free on eyeliner ages ago, so my mum just picked this up for me. The first time I used it I was just like...woah...this is good. It's got teeny tiny sparkles in it, not enough to be noticeable, but just enough to make the eyeliner stand out more. It glides on effortlessly and I wear it for my more dramatic looks, once it's dry it lasts for hours and hours and hours.

1) Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (1 Black Ink)
Not very shockingly this is my favourite XD. Together with the eyeliner brush of course. Even without the brush this is my most expensive eyeliner, but it's worth the extra price, you really do get what you pay for with this eyeliner. The brush did take me a few attempts to get used to, but now I find it really easy. It's really black and lasts for as long as I need to wear it, I also find it really easy to get precise flicks and make them even on both sides with this :)

Phew...long list :P

Hope you enjoyed  ^ - ^

Sunny xxxxx

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