Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shopping Makes Me Happy

Today I woke up at 2pm and it was raining. Not shocking for Northern Wales, but still. It's always nice to be woken up with the sun shining through your curtains and birds chirping away. But no, I got rain.

Rather than let the weather get me down I thought I'd do the sensible thing and waste some money on clothes :D Despite being rained on a bit I had a great day out, my friend bought a hat with an owl on it, and I saw a girl wearing MY panda hat *gasps*.

I also cut my finger...that bit wasn't so much fun...

First we wandered over to H&M to start things off cheap and cheerful. I bought this Guns N Roses t-shirt which I thought I could wear clubbing or casually. It was about £10. I also got this long vest in burgundy. I love love LOVE the colour ^ - ^ It looked pretty versatile and was only £5.

Then we went to Topshop and I bought this super soft checkered shirt. It was about £25, so not exactly bank breaking, and really cute. I need a nice warm casual shirt for this Welsh weather :P

Finally I went into Accessorise to have a look at their half price sale. I got this adorable necklace with a china clog on it. So ridiculously cute ^ - ^ and these heart earrings :) They were only £3 each, total bargain :D Very happy with this.

Now I'm back home looking at the pretty things on my bed (yes I do have cupcake bedsheets XD). Mmmmm pretty things. :D

Sunny xxxxx

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