Friday, 7 October 2011

First Things First

Today I really really felt like writing about something cheerful, but I had no paper. And the shops were REALLY far away, and I am a lazy bean. So I thought, why not write it on here. So I am. And here it is :)

I want to share happy things :) Because I love cute happy things ^ - ^

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I had a root around on YouTube to find something to watch and I found Boys Over Flowers. I've only seen the first episode, so I feel really far behind everyone else XD I can't believe no one's told me about this before! (Except that they have and I haven't paid any attention :P) I love Korean dramas, I was laughing soooooooo loudly (probably really annoying the people in my corridor XD) at all the 'classic' Asian drama bits in it :P

Last night I also had a yogurt and honey face mask (yum). I mixed a tablespoon of yogurt with a teaspoon of honey :) Lovely and refreshing. I'm glad it was at night or my flatmates might have thought I was mad.....

Don't you just love having random all nighters where you just pootle around and do random things like discover new dramas and painting your nails? Of course it meant I woke up late this morning and almost missed my seminar XD Ah well, definitely worth it.

So that was just a little insight into my little mad world filled with bubbles and stuff :D

Sunny xxxxx

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