Sunday, 9 October 2011

Autumn Makes Me Cheery

It was rainy and windy today again, and I thought YAY! It's autumn/fall time again ^ - ^ I love snuggling up in a warm jumper and layering my clothes. Autumn doesn't have the sharp bite of coldness yet that winter has, and all the leaves are turning beautiful golden colours. Outside my window I can see the Welsh mountains, and I can see the trees in the valley before it, with their leaves turning crispy and red.
I didn't do a lot today XD Just went food shopping and watched Sunshine with my friends in the evening (great film incidentally, a bit scary though :P). I spent most of the day lounging around in my jammies with my boyfriend :P It's my favourite way to spend any day really.

Even though I didn't do much today I did decide to wear some cute autumn/fall inspired make - up. I thought what better way to enjoy the changing seasons than to wear them on my face? :P I chose smoky brown eyes, a bit of highlighter and pink gloss lips.

For my eyes I used a base of my elf duo eyeshadow cream in light pink, up to my brow bone. Next I used Rimmel London's Glam' Eyes mono eye shadow in 160 punchy taupe over the whole lid. On the outer half of my lid i used a No7 dark taupe eyeshadow, and for my crease I also used a No7 medium brown eyeshadow and blended it really really thoroughly just on the crease, so it isn't too overpowering, I also lined my upper lid with this and a the outer quarter of my lower lid, to make it look a bit darker and smokier. I also line my waterline with a white eyeliner, to make them appear bigger and brighter, I'm wearing one from the Natural Collection. Finally and most importantly is my mascara. I can't put on make-up without wearing mascara, it's just not natural! :P I always use Benefit's BADgal lash, it's so dark and gorgeous, perfect for sexy lashes ;P

For my face I started with my FAVOURITE thing in the whole wide world (make-up wise that is XD) my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.21. I wear this daily and am in love with it completely and utterly. I just use a little amount and smooth it over my face and neck to reduce redness and create an even skintone. I rarely wear foundation as I find it too heavy for me. Then I use my Rimmel London Hide the Blemish concealer in 001 Ivory underneath my eyes. I have quite epic dark circles, so I use a concealer a shade lighter than my actual skin to tackle them. For blemishes I use a witch hazel concealer, so that it can heal blemishes whilst covering them. I use Benefit High Beam to highlight my cheekbones, I love this highlighter. It's so shimmery and pretty ^ - ^. Finally I dust a weeny bit of powder all over, I'm using Natural Collection in neutral. It sets the make up and mattifys the face.

My lips are simple, I exfoliate them quickly with an old toothbrush to remove dry skin. Then I rub a little Vaseline on them to hydrate, but not too much to make them greasy. Finally I add a dash of colour with my Nivea lip gloss in pale pink :)

And that's my autumn inspired make - up. I'm looking forward to wearing more of my woolly jumpers and scarfs now :)

Sunny xxxxx

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