Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rimmel BB Cream Review

One down two to go! My worst exam is over (phew) and surprisingly didn't go too badly...that is if not revising half the module and being unable to answer a question worth 50% of the paper is not doing too badly... (oopsie moment). I'm much more confident about the next two though (although we'll see what I say after tomorrows exam). In the spirit of procrastination here's a product review.

I bought Rimmel's BB cream on a total whim. I hadn't read any reviews at all, I was just casually looking for a BB cream and thought 'Hmm Rimmel, why not?' and bought it.

This BB cream claims to prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten and protect from sun damage. Lots and lots of jobs for such a little BB cream.

I've been wearing this most days for just over a week now, and I really do like it, for the price (£4.99 at Boots) it's a really good buy. It's a fairly creamy consistency, which I really like, and is easy to smooth onto the face, I usually blend it on with a sponge, which works well, but on my lazier days (generally when I'm going to the library to revise) I use my hands which works well too.

Can you see on my thumb where I cheese grated it? It's nearly healed now, but oh my gosh it was painful :P
 Despite saying that it's a moisturising product it does feel a little drying on my forehead, it doesn't look bad because my skin has left its winter dry mode, but if my skin was much drier than it is now it wouldn't look good at all.

Coverage wise this is exactly what I want, it doesn't cover every single thing, it just makes my face more uniform and tones down the worst of my red marks. If I need a little more coverage I add concealer (but I don't have to do this all the time).

Blended out
I like this product, it's a nice one to have when I don't need a lot of coverage, but I just want something. It's been perfect for revision library times, and today I wore it to my dance class and it stayed perfectly. If it wasn't quite so drying and if it came in more shades it'd be amazing, as it is it's just a really good high street BB cream.

Sunny xxxxx


  1. That's interesting that you said it was drying, I wouldn't have expected that at all. I may try this out someone!

  2. I didn't even know Rimmel did a BB Cream, my Garnier one is running out and I wanna try a different brand. Hope your next exams go well, you never know you might have been jammy and done loads better in the first one than you thought xxx

  3. love the finish - it's great it has spf25 too. x

  4. Great review :D

  5. The review is so informative, nice blog! :D
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  6. I have been wondering what BB cream was like for ages, I just never got round to trying it out! Great review :) I really love your blog, would you like to follow each other? If you do, please follow me and leave a comment on my blog so that I can follow you right back :) xx