Tuesday, 8 January 2013

December Favourites

So this is kind of late... I've been super busy since New Years revising like a crazy person. It only hit me after Christmas that these exams actually count > . < I wish I could be a first year again... I'm probably not going to be blogging an awful lot until February (unless of course the exams kill me), but I'll try to do a few posts, mainly to keep myself from completely losing my marbles from too much revision - _ -

Last month I didn't really have many favourites, but I did discover some new skincare, which I've fallen so very much in love with, and although it isn't a new discovery I have been really loving my shampoo and conditioner too.

Firstly are my three Body Shop Seaweed products. I'm in love. I went out and bought the Ionic Clay Mask after Christmas because I loved my moisturiser and toner so much. I've noticed such a difference in my skin, it's not nearly as shiny looking as it used to be, even at the end of the day and with no other product on my face. The mask has really helped to clear up my post Christmas/New Years skin as well. If you have oily/combination skin I could not recommend these products more!

Next is an old favourite, Herbal Essences Smooth and Soft shampoo and conditioner. This is formulated for dry/frizzy hair so it's right up my street, especially in winter. It feels really luxurious (and smells yummy!). This is my favourite of the Herbal Essences range because it makes my hair feel so soft and lovely afterwards.

Finally for my very short December favourites is The Return Of The King. I started reading this a couple of weeks before Christmas and finished it the night before Christmas, it was so good I stayed up really late and was incredibly sleepy on Christmas day :P So worth it though. I'd seen the films before I read the books and I have to say the books are so much better! Especially because Eowyn and Faramir (two characters I never really liked in the film) are so amazing in the book! I love both of them incredible amounts :P I'm just sad that it's over now :(

Now I'd better get back to revising *sigh* hopefully it won't be too long until I find time to blog again...

Sunny xxxxx


  1. I love The Body Shop's skincare, great post x

  2. I love the sea weed range! It's really, really good!

  3. Ooh the mask sounds really nice :) good luck revising!

  4. I love Herbal Essences too! Good luck with your exams xxx