Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ask Her Friends Website Review

I love Christmas. Really really really love it. I love the cold weather, curling up in woolly things and fluffy socks, the food, cinnamon candles and the festive spirit. But most of all I love giving presents! (And lets be honest, I love receiving them too ;) ). So when I got an email asking me to check out a new website called AskHerFriends to help present buying I was really interested.

Ask Her Friends is a website which helps guys to pick out presents for their female loved ones (although I've been using it to find my mum pressies!). The website asks you who you're buying for (for me I chose mother), then price range (I chose £30-£60) and then there are two options 'That's all I know' or 'Wait there's more'. If you select 'That's all I know' you get loads of possible presents turn up, which isn't too helpful. But if you chose 'Wait there's more' (and hopefully most people know at least a little about the person they're buying for :P) you get further questions about the person to help narrow down the presents.

Ask Her Friends homepage

The question part is called the 'Idea Map' and I always find these things fun :P It has a couple of questions about what she normally wears and a couple about what activities she likes to do. The best part is that you don't have to select just one answer, useful when the person falls into more than one category.

Idea Map

Ask Her Friends finds presents fitting your answers from loads of different retailers, so there's a great variety. Here are the top four picks for my Mums present, and apart from the first dress I think my mum would really like them, so I was quite impressed :) Luckily there's a handy little 'She won't like this' button under each item, so it can switch with another.

Top four present choices
 Next you can create an 'Advice List' of the top three picks and if you need to there is an option to email these choices to the persons friends to ask if they think they'd like it (very useful for the slightly clueless males using this :P).

The website also acts as a normal shopping website if you want to, so you can just browse what's on there. Once you click on something to buy you're redirected to the original website for the item and buy it through them.

Overall I'm really liking this website, it's fun to use and I can imagine boyfriends, husbands and brothers finding it especially useful when they want to buy something nice, but don't know what! I'll be recommending this to all my male relatives (and probably some female ones as well :P).

The only downsides I can see are the fact that you have to know the person relatively well (but if you didn't you probably wouldn't be buying a present for them anyway) and that if you have lots of people you're buying pressies for the whole question part could get a bit time consuming.

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  1. such a good idea hun! I'm defo going to be using and recommending this!


  2. Oh wow this sounds like a really great website, deffo be having a look on the site :)


  3. love it!


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  4. I totally agree on loving this time of year before Christmas! I will have to check this site out!

    Pearls & Paws

  5. Wonderful review! I didn't have a chance to check this website yet - but then I am pretty simple when it comes to presents - I just point at the ones I want when my husband is around. :D No guess work when it comes to fashion. :)

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