Friday, 2 November 2012

Diorskin Forever Foundation Review

Hello! I've caught the dreaded winter bug that's been going round, so I'm curled up in bed (as I often am :P) with tea and tissues. It's days like this where I just want to go home, curl up on the sofa, watch tv with my darling mum and eat her delicious leek and potato soup, I hate being a 'grown up' sometimes :(

Anywayyyy, a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted a foundation for nights out. I have Chanel's Perfection Lumiere, which is perfect for daytime, but I wanted something else. I decided to try out Dior, as I'd been eyeing up their foundations for a while now. The assistant slathered my face rather inexpertly with Diorskin Forever in shade 010. It looked ridiculous so I asked for a sample so I could take it home and try it out properly.

When applied with a sponge, and being not too heavy handed this foundation is just lovely. It feels so smooth and fresh on my skin, not heavy at all. It's a light to medium coverage, but I just added a little concealer over blemishes. I had enough in the sample to test it on two nights out, one with dancing and one just drinking with friends. It was fine for a quiet night, but I found that when dancing was involved I needed a little powder to set it.

My little sample bottle

One thing I did find is that it doesn't have incredible lasting power. It's fine for a night out, say four to five hours, but any longer and it will fade. I used my Smashbox photofinish primer and powder to keep it in place, and it worked well.

As this is a high end product, it comes with a high end price tag, £31 from Debenhams. Personally I think spending a little more is worth it for a good foundation as it really pays off. I'm going to have to save a bit before I can get this though > . <

Sunny xxxxx


  1. lovely blog you have here darling!
    your absolutely beautiful aswell!
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  2. Ooh! Dior! ^^
    I really love light foundations - I feel kind of weighed down and claustrophobic even when my foundation is cake and thick... -.-

  3. Ooh I have yet to try any Dior products, I really love lighter coverage foundations and this sounds really great.


  4. Hallo! This sounds lovely, how annoying that the assistant didn't do a proper job though. And why are the nicest things also the most expensive :'( haha xxx

  5. I've also heard that despite its name, it doesn't have that amazing lasting power. The high price tag would probably put me off if it didn't deliver in that respect. Never tried Dior foundations but it would be nice to try a sample :)

  6. I just bought this foundation after having a sample and I love it. Its so natural it looks like my skin but better. I find if I use a primer and set it with powder it will last me all day. Get better also :) x

  7. I can't afford this but I love to dream of such fancies. Thanks for sharing it