Thursday, 22 November 2012

Updated Skin Care Routine

So technically I've only been using this current routine for about a week, but so far I'm really liking it, and I'm going to stick with it, because I've used all the products before and I know that they're safe for my skin. A while ago I had a horrible allergic reaction on my face (this post) and for a while after that I hardly touched my face. Now that it's better (thank god) I decided to only use products I was 100% sure on, so here is my updated skin care routine.

After my allergic reaction I went out and bought the amazing Liz Earle cleanse and Polish (review here) which I had been using and loving a few months ago. I've been using this as the hot cloth cleanser every morning, and in the evening I use it with my Clarisonic Mia. Because of my allergic reaction I stopped using the Clarisonic Mia for agesssss, and so now that I've been using it again for the past couple of weeks I've had a bit of 'purging' going on on my forehead, but that's pretty much cleared up now. I'll probably put up a Clarisonic Mia review soon, because I reallllly love it ^ - ^

The only moisturiser I've used in the past 4 or 5 years has been Simple's hydrating light moisturiser. For the price I think it's fantastic, no perfumes or colours, and it works.

Once a week I use my Cure Natural Aqua Gel which is another incredible product. I bought it online (from ebay I think...) and it was around £10. To use it you rub a tiny amount all over your face and it gently buffs away the dead skin...and you can see it coming's kinda disgusting....But once you've rinsed the nasty skin bits off your skin just feels so smooth and lovely!

At the other side of the week (so it's not on the same day as my Cure day) I use a sheet mask. Since going to Korea 8 months ago (I can't believe it's that long! > . <) I've fallen head over heels in love with these. I've been using The Face Shop's Pearl sheet masks (yes I bought so many they've lasted me 8 months - not every week though :P). Over the summer I used more mud masks to combat the oiliness, but now that it's getting colder and my skin is getting a bit dry I've been perking it up with these masks.

Finally at night I use my BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment (review here). I stopped using this for a while as I thought it wasn't giving me the same results and it was just an added extra to my skincare routine, but for the past week I've started up again, and I've remembered why I first loved it.

I've also been using my free sample of Ren's Radiant Eye Gel to help combat my dark circles and puffy eyes. I like this product, but it's nowhere near as good as Chanel's Beaute Initale Eye (my last eye cream free sample), so I intend to buy the Chanel one once the Ren one has run out, even though it's expensive the sample took me a good couple of months to run out, and it worked so well.

I'll keep you updated about how my skin feels about this (relatively) new routine, but so far (once the purging has completely gone) it's really good :)

Sunny xxxxx

(p.s. my housemates are evil, one of them woke me up with the fire alarm this morning after burning his bacon, then tried to convince me the house was haunted, and then, after hearing thudding noises upstairs I went to check on my other housemates, but their rooms were empty. I was about to head back downstairs when they jumped out of the me a heart attack and making me hate them a lot > . <)


  1. I've just do a video on my bad skin at the moment!


  2. I wish I had as good a skincare routine as you, I'm so lazy! Haha about the housemates, I miss playing pranks like that xxx

  3. I've heartd a lot of good things about the clarisonic, think I need to look into getting one for myself. It's great when you find a routine that works for you :)