Friday, 31 August 2012

Birthday Funtimes!

Allo allo, it's been a while hasn't it? I've been away visiting my lovely boyfriend and friends for my birthday. I stayed at his for a week (we baked a cake ^ - ^) and now I'm at my mums due to go shopping in London tomorrow (wooo!). I'll leave my birthday hauling until I'm back home as my dad is giving me my pressie when I get back.

For my birthday a few of us went out to the pub, moved to a bar and ended up in a club (well bar/club). It was a really lovely evening and I was so excited to see all my friends again after so long!

Because one of my besties has her birthday the day before mine it turned into a two day event :P Needless to say I needed a lot of recovery time afterwards :P

With my bestie Las

With Daydreamer
We realllllly liked posing in front of the bathtub...
There are more photos...but they get progressively drunker and drunker, and no one wants to see that :P

Hopefully I should be back to normal blogging soon :P

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Looks like an awesome time! Geez I Cant wait to grow up ;) xx You look stunning

    1. Haha :P but being 20 is scaryyyy :P x

  2. Great pics :-) looks like you had a great time

    Leave me a comment on my blog, I love reading them :-)

  3. Hope you had a great time :) x

  4. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a fun day shopping, you looked lovely on your night out too xxx

  5. Happy belated birthday, girl! It sounds like you had a great time.
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