Thursday, 16 August 2012

Firmoo Glasses

Hello ^ - ^ A few weeks ago Firmoo contacted me about getting free glasses, which was literally perfect timing as I had an annoying chip in one of the lenses of my current glasses and was going to buy some new ones anyway.

My glasses arrived this morning (after I'd filled in the order form with my prescription just a few days before, super speedy delivery), and I've been wearing them all day. I really like them, they're comfy and I can just forget that they're on.

Firmoo's glasses are really well priced, many being between $10 and $20 (there are other more expensive ones too). I did expect this to mean that my glasses would be horrible and cheap looking and feeling, but they're really not. For the quality the pricing is really good, especially as if I had bought some after my eye appointment last week I would have been paying between £80 and £100 for some new glasses.

One of my favourite things about the site is the 'try it on' bit. You can upload your photo and virtually try on your glasses before you buy them. I spent ages doing this because I am very picky :P It's nice to do it online instead of feeling like you're being a nuisance taking up the salesperson's time in the store :P (I once spent 40 minutes choosing glasses...). I chose my glasses based more on comfort this time around (I wanted them with bigger lenses than my last ones) so these could be for studying more than just fashion. But when I showed them to my boyfriend on skype he said all I need to do is shave half my hair and I'd be Skrillex...I personally don't see it :P

Along with my glasses I got a hard case, a cleaning cloth, a fabric pouch and spare screws. I love that all this was included, especially the screws as I have a habit of sitting/stepping on my glasses.

Finally Firmoo is doing a great free glasses for new buyers programme, check it out here. For more information about Firmoo check out their facebook.

Sunny xxxxx

(Disclaimer bit : All views expressed here are my own, but you'd probably guessed that anyway)


  1. Ah it's so great that the people at Firmoo contacted you with such great timing! I'm going for an eye test next week for the first time, so I know where I'll be looking if I need to grab a pair of glasses :) xx

  2. These are lovely! Aw yeah I hate trying on glasses in the opticians, you feel pressured to choose quickly haha! xxx

  3. Awesome! That comment your boyfriend made about you looking like skrillex made me laugh. xxx Awesome that they contacted you :)

  4. great glasses:)
    I always wear contact lenses but I need a new pair of glasses too:)

  5. Those look great.

    We are having a giveaway on our blog Sunny Days and Starry Nights , hope you stop by and enter.

  6. you are so lucky to have hard cases in my case Ive got plastic only