Monday, 17 December 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

This time next week it's Christmas Eve and I am very excited! :D I'm home after over three months of being at uni and I'm very much enjoying it, free food, warmth, a washing machine that actually cleans my clothes properly! It's wonderful here :D Oh, and the little furry things that are wandering around, they're pretty good too :P

Evening Cat and Tolly taking up the sofa
Grumpy cat Middy
I've been revising all day, and though I was going to do a proper post I now realise that it is nearly midnight and I'm tired, so I'm cheating and have decided to do an easy post about how much I love Christmas! :P
  • Being at home - Technically not Christmas specific, but it does feel a lot more Christmassy now that I'm back.
  • Decorations! - The moment I got back I got out all the decorations, although this wasn't exactly hard as our decorations consist of a few bits of tinsel and the TINIEST tree ever (although I have convinced my dad to go and buy a bigger tree this year, YAY :D).
Tiny, tiny, tiny tree (and a book on rolling next to it :P)
  • Food - Obviously, Christmas is all about the food. Not just on Christmas day, but the lead up as well, there are chocolates and biscuits in the house all of a sudden, cinnamon is everywhere, and my somewhat odd obsession with eating little jars of caviar starts up again...
  • Family - Christmas day is always so busy with hundreds upon thousands of family members milling around (slight hyperbole here). Every year we go and spend Christmas at my cousins house, and so do most other family members close enough to get there, it's nice to see everyone again, especially after being far away at uni.
  • Presents - I'm not going to pretend that I don't love getting presents at Christmas, I love it. But giving presents and seeing what everyone else is getting is fun too :P But it is nice to see the little pile of gifts you've gotten that day...
  • Doctor Who - When everyone's tired and full it's great to lie down on the sofa, unable to move and watch all the great Christmas tv.
Now that I've written this out I'm even more excited! I just have to make it through the next few days of intense revision (whoever invented the concept of January exams was an evil evil Grinch of a human) and it's time for Christmas! :D

Sunny xxxxx


  1. your pets are so cute!! Looks like you're going to have an amazing Christmas! xx

  2. Glad you're enjoying being back at home! That's annoying you have to do a load of revision, I feel your pain I have to work all over Christmas xxx

  3. YAY! CHRISTMAS!!! >W<
    Hehe, you're making me even more excited about it!
    Presents! Presents! Presents! Presents!

  4. aww it's great to go home for christmas when you're a student. i graduated in the summer just passed and still live in london where i went to uni, but this will be my first year going home "from" uni if that makes any sense. enjoy! :)