Thursday, 27 December 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Today I went out and braved the sales and I bough nothing, at all, not one thing (I am so strong > . <). I'm trying to save up for a trip to Ireland for my friends 21st in a couple of months (best idea for a 21st birthday ever!) so I'm being veryyyyy good (or at least hoping to be).

But that's not what this post is about, this post is about my one true love, the most gorgeous (and most expensive) pair of shoes I have ever owned in my life. Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I've been pining over these for months, I put them on my Christmas list in a 'what the hell' moment, and I was sooooo happy when I actually got them! (Well done Dad, you did very well :P).

Excuse the carpet, I'm in the spare room at my cousins house...
I've worn them around the house and have discovered that they are incredibly easy to walk in, probably due to the enormous platform and the fact that they lace up.

Tomorrow night is going to be their first outing and I can't wait ^ - ^ I'm just going to the pub so I won't hurt them (if they get scuffed I may die :P) but I'm wearing them New Years so I'm going to have to be careful!

Sunny xxxxx

(My dad took the rest of my pressies home with him whilst I stay at my cousins for a few days, so I'll show you what I got after New Years ^ - ^ )


  1. omg, jc litas!! @0@
    They. Are. A. DREAM.
    Yay that you actually got them!!! >W<
    haha, well done to your dad!! ^^

  2. those shoes are so gorgeous!
    I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Day :D

  3. very jealous of your gorgeous booties! they are fab - fingers crossed to the scuff free night


  4. these are soooo gorge! going to buy some asap!

  5. So jealous!!! I have been eyeing these for ages!!!! :)


  6. Those shoes are fab! I have a similar pair and they are fab to walk in!
    Your blog is gorgeous I'm definitely your newest follower - Do you think you could take a peek at mine and follow back please?
    Thank you
    @Rachael_Haile (on twitter)

  7. Congrats on getting a present you've wanted for a while :)

  8. congrats on these amazing shoes. they are still on my wishlist :) looks great on you my love! looks like you had great success with xmas! have a wonderful new years as well, love!
    xx rae

  9. Cute shoes! They actually look like they'd be alright to walk in:) happy new year!xx

  10. I got these for my 21st - how comfy are they?! I love mine, bet you cant take them off right now aha!

    Much love,