Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Purple and Gold Christmas Nails

Hello! Christmas is really just around the corner (kinda), I'm revising like mad so I can give myself a few days off over Christmas > . < It makes me think I should have done a little more during termtime...

Anywayyyyy, as a break from revising I decided to make my nails a little more festive, I used my Urban Decay Hashbury purple polish (I love all of my Urban Decay polishes, they're gorgeous and only need one coat) and then topped it off with a Christmassy sprinkling of glitter with Nails Inc. Glamour Glitter polish (free in last months Glamour magazine).

I'm still looking for my perfect high coverage gold glitter polish for Christmas day, I'm sure I'll find it!

Sunny xxxxx


  1. I didn't know Urban Decay did nail polishes! That's a lovely colour xxx

  2. Ooh, cute nails!
    Really love the shimmer you added to it... as well as to your blog!
    Haha, it hit me in the face - in a good way! - and was a reminder that it's nearly christmas!!! >W<
    I'm so excited!! >w<

  3. The polishes work well together, lovely metallic purple nails :)

  4. wow!! what could be moer christmas-sy!! Love the nails u did. <3 I always like purple with gold.

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