Sunday, 26 February 2012

11 Questions Tag!

Okay, I absolutely and completely love reading these on other peoples blogs, so I'm so happy I got tagged to do one of these! (Yes this is what amounts to happiness in my life :P). I was tagged by Emer who has a great blog which I really love :)

Okay rules blah blah 11 facts, answer 11 questions, make 11 questions, tag people blah blah :P Now for the fun bit ^ - ^

11 Facts (lulz, I feel like soon I'll run out of facts about me!) :

1) I hate segmented worms (Annelida for all you sciencey people :P) I'm fine with other kinds (which is good because we've had to collect them and study them in our lab sessions at uni :P) but segmented ones URGH it's the way they move > . < their muscles contracting making them long and short ew ew ew ew I freak out if I see one :P

2) Every couple of months or so I get a HUGE craving for Dr Pepper, other than those times I'm not really fussed :P

3) Orange squash gives me migranes, and some types of blackcurrant squash, but not all...must be something funny they put in it...

4) I wear a watch constantly from the moment I wake up to when I go to bed (excluding showering :P) because I need to know the time all the time :P

5) I think I failed my chemistry exam yesterday.

6) I'm from Kent, but came all the way to North Wales for uni > . < So far from home!

7) One of my aims in my life is to read all the books my parents own, so far I've only gotten through three, I have three bookcases and 6 boxes to get through still :P (and it doesn't help that they keep buying them!)

8) I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who is the most gorgeous dog in the world <3

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous baby boy <3

9) I named my dog Tolly after a horse in The Archers.... I was a cool kid :P

10) I can only be bothered to do laundry when I'm down to my last set of's just SO much effort...

11) I'm so excited for the Spring daffodils to come up ^ - ^

11 Questions:
Favorite shade of lipstick? Mac Lovelorn, but recently I've been loving darker lipsticks, so maybe Dark Side if it suited me and  I was brave enough :P

Who/What inspired you to start blogging and how long have you been at it? I literally started because I couldn't sleep one night because my boyfriend was hogging the bed :P I've been reading blogs and watching make up gurus on youtube for around a year and I've loved it :)

Favorite makeup brand of all time? Easy, Benefit <3

Who do you look up to and why? Family member,famous person etc. I'd have to say my Dad, he's done so much charity work over his life, including living and volunteering at a hospital in Romania for 8 months, I wish I could be brave enough to do something like that.

What shop do you mostly see yourself in when out shopping?  Probably Topshop, unless I go to somewhere with a Hollister, I could stay in there all day...

What is your most expensive beauty product? Hmm excluding my GHDs I think my Smashbox primer, originally £40, but I got it for £30, so far I haven't really bought anything too out of my price range, but I can totally see myself doing that soon :P

Favorite perfume/fragrance? Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs love love love love love

How often do you wash your hair? Every other day (unless I've been exercising then I'll do it more often).

What would you look out for mostly when searching for 'The Ideal Boyfriend?'  Hmm, obviously gorgeous with a good body ;) I like muscles, but not the huge scary ones :P Swimmer ones are nice.... But personality is more important, they'd have to make me laugh every day and be a good person :P Okay basically I think my boyfriend is the ideal one for me :P That was really cringey and sickly wasn't it? :P

Do you wear makeup everyday,or just when your going out? Just going out, I don't really care if people see me with imperfect skin or dark circles when I'm going to lectures or when I go shopping (unless it's a proper shopping day, then putting on make up gets me in the mood to waste loads of money! :P)

Name a celebrity which you admire for their great taste in makeup? Aishwarya Rai, she always looks so elegant and classy, I think she's gorgeous.

MY QUESTIONS (yeahhhhh)
1) What's one make up product you cannot live without?
2) Is there a make up/beauty product you regret buying?
3) Favourite high street/drugstore brand?
4) If you got a tattoo what would you get?/if you have one what is it?
5) Favourite song to dance to?
6) Best beauty bargain?
7) What do you think is the worst beauty blunder for someone to do?
8) When did you get into make up?
9) What's your favourite tv show?
10) Favourite nail polish?
11) Do you have any pets?

Here are my people I'm tagging :

^ - ^ These are so much fun to do :P

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Nice 11 answers from you! : D It is fun to read too!

  2. loved reading your answers! i agree with the washing and orange squash facts...haha, too lazy to do washing, and more me orange squash gives me a sore throat and cough :S

    1. I know a few people who orange squash affects, it's weird :P x

  3. Your dog is so cute! This was fun to read :D I love dr pepper haha

  4. Thanks for tagging me in this, will definitely do it when I get a minute or two xx

  5. Love your blog, i just checked it..i would love to follow you! What do you think about follow eachother? :)

  6. funny fact about you! though i haven't given segmented worms many thoughts at all.... i guess we are different in that way haha!/Azure

  7. Worms freak me out too! XD

  8. Aw, naming your dog after a horse in the Archies is cool! Haha.

    Thanks for your comment. Great blog by the way, I'm now following xx

    1. My friends think I'm mad because of it :P Thanks :) x

  9. this is such an interesting blog. Love the name of it. Let's follow each other hun!

  10. Hope you enjoyed answering my questions,nice post :D


    1. Haha, yeah it was fun, thanks for tagging me :) x

  11. I love to read this type of posts :) x

  12. I love those posts 'cause you get the chance to 'meet' each other :)

    P.S: Fabulous giveaway here..

  13. awesome to learn more about my fellow bloggers. :) i love doc peppers!


  14. ekk i hate worms!! cute post! :) you also have a lovely blog! xx