Friday, 17 February 2012

Glamour Sample Testing

I love getting little samples in magazines, it's so much more useful that seeing a picture of an airbrushed model and thinking 'oh I see, if I use their product I'll look like that' :P. In this months Glamour there were free samples of Chanel's Perfection Lumiere, Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation, a 'mystery' face wash (I hate this marketing ploy, but seeing as I tried it I guess it works :P) and Jimmy Choo's new perfume.

The first one I tried was Chanel's Perfection Lumiere foundation. Unsurprisingly I am now in love. It's not really fair to throw a Chanel foundation in my face and expect me not to adore it. It feels light and silky in texture, and feels soooo lovely on my face > . < I get a problem with putting foundation on the centre of my forehead because it's really dry there, normally I have to very carefully add a tiny bit of foundation, a and a bit of moisturiser, and it still tends to look dry. Today I just shoved this foundation straight on, and it was fine right away. It made my face look really natural and dewy * - * I love it! At £36 yes it is pricey, but the moment I can afford it (i.e. after I've finished wasting my money in Korea :P) I am definitely buying this!

Next was the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, maybe I was a little biased, but this hasn't appealed to me since I first saw the adverts. It smells sort of orangey, not very strongly, but I was a bit put off by this. The moment I put it onto my fingertips it felt heavy and thick. I put it on anyway, and I could really feel that it was there > . < ewww! I'm definitely a light foundation girl. However the coverage was fantastic, all my blemishes disappeared, and though it did feel thick it didn't look cakey, it did seem to look fairly natural, although maybe a bit to matte for my taste.

Now for the weird mystery face wash....which I have just accidentally squeezed out all over my desk - _ - CLEANING BREAK
My desk is now clean. Okay, so this will be my least biased test, because I don't know what it is! The front of the sample has a picture of avocados and cranberries, so it looks promising. It also says it can be used as a wash or mask, I used it as a wash. My first impression on tearing open the sachet was not a good one, it's an unnatural mint green colour and has an awful chemically smell *ick ick ick* it reminds me a little of an Avon facemask I once bought (and HATED). It was quite smooth on my face, but hardly foamed, I know the foam isn't necessary for cleaning, but I prefer foam cleansers. It made my skin fairly soft afterwards, obviously it's hard to judge a facewash from just one use but it didn't seem terrible, until about 30 seconds after when the sides of my nose started to sting :S Slightly odd. I don't like this, whatever it is :P

Finally there was a little smelly perfume flap thingy (that's the technical term) for Jimmy Choo's new perfume. I smelled it and loved it right away. It smells a little spicy and woody, it's beautiful. It's definitely a 'night time' smell, as it seems quite sophisticated and 'grown up'. I love my Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, but that's more of a girly flowery daytime smell. I simply adore this Jimmy Choo perfume, added to my wish list :P

Slightly random post, but I just thought there were some really good samples in Glamour this month, and I've really been wanting to try the Chanel and Rimmel London foundations :)

Also, I did  the stupid forgetting to bring my camera thing again today, we had a field trip to the beach to collect and measure dog whelks (yawn) but even though it was raining the beach was beautiful. Why do I never bring my camera to things like this!!!

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Was going to pick this up but didn't,think I might next time though never tried anything from Chanel :)


  2. I love trying free samples from magazines, Glamour next month has a Percy & Reed product - choice of 4 - can't wait and Marie Claire Neals Yard face cream x

  3. How was the coverage for the Chanel foundation?

    1. I'd say medium, it's very natural looking :) I'd just need to touch up a few blemishes with concealer x

  4. I got Glamour this month but am yet to try these samples. I am going to give one of the foundations a go tomorrow!

  5. magazine samples are like little treats... I love playing with them

  6. I like magazine samples too. Except if a perfume doesn't smell that good, then I'm stuck smelling it for a while.

  7. Great post, love samples xxxxxxxx

  8. I've been wanting to try Chanel's Perfection Lumiere, I love natural and dewy foundations!

  9. Hi Sunny,
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    Hope to read from you soon,

    best wishes and greets from London
    ps.i have this chanel foundation and its really good for me :)

  10. i'm a huge fan of chanel makeup and beauty products. glad you like it.

    reese looks gorgeous on that cover. :)