Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, New Set Of Resolutions, and the Last Few Christmas Presents

On the 1st of January I woke up on my friends sofa feeling awful, so I didn't start any resolutions that day :P I've decided to move my new years resolutions to after my exams, because I NEED chocolate whilst revising for an exam I know I'm going to fail. There's no point being healthy right now :P

So in two weeks time I will start my resolutions:

It's so important but somehow so difficult at the same time....

2) Actually use my Delia Smith cookbook this term.
Everything looks so yummy, but I never have time and just make pasta and vegetables every day > . <

I still haven't finished my notes for the last two lectures of term....

3) Find new music.
My itunes is seriously lacking, I always listen to the same things.

4) Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try to keep control of my finances.
Self explanatory, I have no self control.

5) Branch out with my make up buying.
Try new exciting brands, totally not in keeping with resolution No. 4 :P

I'll let you know if I actually manage to succeed in any of these :P

Here's the last little collection of Christmas presents I got this year, I had one Christmas with the main bulk of my family on Christmas day, but went to my Aunt's house and had another on Boxing day, YAY! :P

My youngest cousin gave me these eyeliners, they're quite cute and have little sharpeners for lids which I think is a really good idea because I always lose my sharpener.

I've never tried Soap And Glory products before, but I've always wanted to because of the great designs and the positive reviews, I got the Hand Maid Gel and Scrub Of Your Life (I've used this twice and I LOVE it so much, it makes my skin so soft and I haven't had a bad reaction to it, unlike when I tried The Sanctuary's body scrub). I got these in the mini sizes, but when I run out I'll definitely buy the full sized product.

My Aunt got me this Radley umbrella, I love Radley, the Scottie dogs are so cute, but I find the bags a bit too grown up for me. This umbrella is perfect though :P

My Dad got me this Hello Kitty memo pad, because when I was helping him buy presents for my cousins I saw the Hello Kitty Liberty Print collection in Waterstones I went a little bit mad and got very excited :P. This should (in theory :P) keep me organised for next term.

I also got a gift card for Debenhams so I recently bought these cute boots. I'm boot crazy in winter and just want EVERY SINGLE PAIR I FIND :P I love how they lace up, soooo very cute.

I got the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, because I've heard loads about how good it is and I've never tried a Smashbox product before, and I really needed a primer :P

Finally I got Benefit's Boi-ing (I love Benefit far too much, hence resolution No.5). I had this in my Realness Of Concealness box, which I got last year, but it was in the medium shade which was too dark for me. Even so I could tell that it was a really good product, so I've been pining for it for ages and ages.

I can't wait to try out all my new things over this month ^ - ^

Happy New Year!

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Good luck with your resolutions! I love those boots too xx

  2. The hello kitty notepad is sooo cute!! :)

  3. I love Benefit too! That boiing concealer is great ;)