Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Question Tag!

I got tagged to answer these questions by Bunny at (who you should check out btw), and thought it was fun :P I'm feeling lazy today, so I'm not tagging anyone specific back, but if you read this and want to answer then you should and leave a comment :D


What kind of weather do you like the most?
Thunder and lightning! I love really violent weather (so long as I'm warm and cosy inside and get to watch out of a window :P)

Whenever you're down, what instantly cheers you up?
Inviting my boyfriend over and watching an old kids films together (Fantastia * - *)

Did your childhood dreams change as you got older, or remain the same?
I've wanted to be a Marine Biologist since I was 9, and now i'm studying marine biology at uni XD.

Do you prefer Mac or PC?
I like both, is that allowed? I have a PC, but I would loooooveeeee a Mac :P

What is one thing to absolutely have to do every day for your day to feel complete?
Going outside at least once :P I hate those days where you have to stay inside all day (like when I'm ill or revising :( )

If you had to go without any communication technology for a week, do you think you'd be okay?
I might forget which lectures to go to...I depend on my friends texting me to tell me where I should be and where :P I'm a bit useless like that :P

What inspired you to start a blog? Personal reasons? Social reasons? Etc?
I've loved reading beauty blogs for ages, I started watching beauty youtube videos (introduced by my boyfriend weirdly enough :P) and then moved onto blogs. So I thought I'd have a go at it myself, and it's great fun ^ - ^

Do you like Disneyland? 
I never got to go when I was little *criesssssssss*

What is one guilty pleasure you have? (Whether it's food, music, hobby, etc.)
Oh dear....I love eating REALLY bad food (chocolate, cookies, ice cream) and watching any Gordon Ramsay tv shows....I don't know why...I just do it...

Do you think of yourself as a person who lives without regrets? 
Hehe, not at all, whenever I go out for the night I wake up the next morning thinking 'I wish I'd never done that.....' :P But for the important things no, no regrets ^ - ^

Are you as bad at coming up with questions for these things as I am? ;P
Nope, because I'm going to recycle THESE questions (ahahahahaha) So very lazy....
Yeh, so if you read this have a go at answering these questions, I've just had a full morning of lectures on chemistry, my brain is melting slightly so imma go nap now :P
I like pictures, so here's a photo of my cat in a tiara <3
Sunny xxxxx


  1. I share your guilty pleasures haha! Also your cat looks so adorable with a tiara lol.


    1. Ah :P Bella hates me when I make her wear hats... But it's just too cute :P

  2. nice tag! lovely answers

    thanks for visiting my blog, now following ;-)

  3. Seu blog é lindo e ja sou sua seguidora. Agora te convido me seguir tambem. :D
    Beijos do NOlhares e do Brasil

  4. Oh... Your cat is sooooo cute ;) xxxx

  5. Hi Sunny! I've just been browsing through your blog and I'm loving it! I'm now a follower! And your cat is such a cutie!

    please check out my blog and if you like what you read please follow and comment, I'm a new blogger and would really appreciate any advice


    1. Oh thank you so much! I just visited your blog and followed, it's brilliant! I've only been blogging for a few months, so I probably don't have any great advice, but all I can say is write about what you're interested in and other people will be interested too, good luck! xxx

  6. I really like thunderstorms too ^^
    And your cat looks so regal in her tiara, lol.

  7. You've got to go to Disneyland when you get the chance. I practically live there!

    1. I still really want to > . < Maybe I'll ask for a trip for my birthday.... heheheh :P

  8. "Did your childhood dreams change as you got older, or remain the same?
    I've wanted to be a Marine Biologist since I was 9, and now i'm studying marine biology at uni XD."

    Good one! I adore you for that! I wanted to become a flight attendant when I was still a child, and I ended up being a nurse...but I did not regret. I'm happy with my job.


    1. Thank you :P I have loads of friends training to be nurses! It's such a good career to have :)

  9. aww your cat! a queen! :-)

    Thank you for your comment.