Thursday, 25 October 2012

Naughty Topshop Purchases

Hello ^ - ^ I'm feeling good today, I've just finished and printed my salt marsh report (just need to hand it in now) and I'm going to Teifi tomorrow for a weekend of kayaking ^ - ^ I'm sure I'll be shattered when I get home but it's going to be so much fun!

One of my friends works in Topshop and she had an eight hour shift the other day, so I popped in to say hello and try and alleviate her boredom a little. Big mistake. I ended up trying on so many beautiful outfits and accidentally buying two items, spending £60 > . < As I am a poor student I might have to skimp on food for a while...

I got these Leigh trousers, in a kind of washed black colour, with a teeny hint of purple. I love these trousers and already have three pairs in different colours > . < I'm such a shopaholic.

Next is this pretty pretty little black dress. It was on sale for £18, originally around £30, so I had to have it. I don't have a plain black dress like this, so I thought it'd be great for nights out, or just daytime wear too.

Carefully avoiding my currently manky face...
I would say that that's work on my laptop...but no it's facebook :P
I went to the doctors today and she told me to keep moisturising my face and to take antihistamines as it is an allergic reaction > . < If it's not gone in a week she might give me steroid cream which I REALLY don't want :( Hopefully two days of kayaking in freezing rivers and two nights of getting completely smashed won't be too bad for my face...

Sunny xxxxx

(p.s. I've been listening to Taylor Swift's new album non stop since it came out, I think I'm in love * - *)


  1. Love the LBD. And I've yet to listen to Taylor's new album as I've heard only amazing things about it!! xxx

  2. the dress is very cute.

    check out my blog, i love reading your comments :-)

  3. Oh, I really love the dress!! >w<
    Haha, well, I'll pray for you so that you won't have to have the steroid cream, I hope everything goes well ! ^^
    I'm debating whether I should buy some clothes online... -.-

  4. Your friend has the perfect job :O) Really nice stuff. The jeans look absolutely gorgeous on you.
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  5. Really love the dress! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. How funny - I'm listening to Red as I type this comment! I really like it as well, though I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Taylor Swift. She makes such popular and catchy and accessible music though. The jeans look amazing on you :)

  7. awesome halloween outfit!