Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Terrible Skin Week

I've had four days of skin from hell. It started with me buying a new face wash on recommendation from my friend, it was quite cheap so I thought I'd give it a go. It was Biore's Ice Cleanser which I bought from Boots for about £4, I'd never used it before, but it said things like 'removes 99% of dirt and oil' which sounded good.

The first time I used it I felt the 'ice' sensation, it didn't hurt, it just felt pleasantly cooling. That evening I used it again and accidentally got it onto the side of my mouth, which really stung. I used it again the next morning, but during the day I realised that my face was feeling really tight and uncomfortable. I moisturised, but I think the damage was done.

My skin is now red, sore, itchy, bumpy, rough and flaky, with a few breakouts to add to the fun. I've never experienced anything like this in my life ever before, and I really hate it. I can't wear make up, I can't put my face under water in the shower, it just hurts too much.

I have an appointment to go to the doctors in a couple of days, and hopefully I'll be given some magical cream or something to fix the mess that was my face.

The ironic thing is my face was actually getting better. Since getting the clarisonic mia for my birthday I've had lovely smooth skin, a bit of purging, but I was just getting over that. I haven't washed my face properly in four days, so I'm afraid all the hard work my mia's been doing will be wasted and I'll have to start again :(

In happier news I got to go out on my uni's research boat yesterday to catch and record benthic fish. Apart from accidentally taking the drowsy seasickness tablets (I fell asleep on a plastic chair on the deck for a couple of hours) it was great fun. Lots and lots of little sharks, rays, gurnards and other exciting things :D

Sunny xxxxx

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  1. thanks for the comment lovely! im sorry to hear you're going through a bad skin reaction! eep! that just sounds terrible... wishin u luck on your docs. visit!

    stay in touch!