Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sparkly Nails and Much Hatred For Exams

Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh > . < Exams...EXAMS. I dislike them intensely. Unfortunately for me the two things I turn to when I'm stressed from revising are : 1) chocolate and 2) shopping. Once I get all my orders in the post I'll be able to do a revision stress buying haul :P Oh wells, once they're over they're over > . <

To make myself feel a little better I painted my nails with this gorgeous sparkly nail polish I got from Korea. It's from The Face Shop and it's in BK901. I loves it ^ - ^

Sorry about the pen stains on my thumb :P Proof I've been revising hard!

Unfortunately the pictures simply don't do it justice, the black background with tiny flecks of sparkle changing from purple to green to blue in the light. It's even prettier in the bottle because at the right
angle the colours change from one side to the other. I love it, love it, love it!

Terrible ice cream cravings right now... but the student shop closed 10 minutes ago and I'd have to walk ten minutes down a dark, deserted, rainy road to get to the 24 hour shop, so I'm thinking...not tonight :P

I wish everyone doing exams right now so much luck and the promise that they will be over soon! The end is in sight! For me my last one is on the 24th, and believe me after that I will be drinking, eating and sleeping incredible amounts (but probably not all at once :P).

Have fun with your revision ;P

Sunny xxxxx


  1. The good thing about exams is that they will be over soon. Not so with work! Chocolate and shopping does help though. Love the colour of that nail polish xx

    1. Very true ^ - ^ I am indeed looking forward to the day they are over :P x

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  3. I too hate it when the pictures don't give the true color justice. But it's pretty regardless!!

    1. It's so annoying isn't it! At least it's pretty in person x