Saturday, 5 May 2012

April Favourites

It feels like forever and ever since my last post! I hate exams, completely and utterly detest them > . <  I have my first one on the 14th, and I'm ignoring everything else until it's over :P I've decided it's the only one I care about, everything else I will try and blag (this is not sensible life advice by the by :P).

So here I am, on a (short) break from revising my socks off with my April favourites! Apart from one week (which had four deadlines at once - _ -) it's been a really good month ^ - ^ especially seeing a I started it off in Korea!

I'll start off with the beauty products:

I got this Tony Moly BB cream in Korea, and I've been using it nearly everyday since. I love BB creams, they're perfect for daytime when I don't need as much coverage, just a little bit of a brighter complexion. This one is the perfect colour (sometimes BB creams can be too light) once it adjusts to my skin tone, and it's also really moisturising (hence the hyaluronic acid bit). Compared to my old Missha Perfect Cover BB cream this one is better matched to my skin.

This Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish was a free gift with Red last month and I adore it wholeheartedly. Despite having the worst exam stress diet ever (hello fizzy drinks, chocolate and ice cream) my skin has been holding up. I've gotten two blemishes since using this, both after forgetting to wash my face and sleeping in my make up and even they cleared up faster than normal. I love this stuff so much ^ - ^. For a full review click here.

My third is a new purchase (I bought this at the same time as my Chanel foundation). It's Sleek's Storm Eyeshadow palette. These are fantastic. Ultra pigmented, ultra cheap and loads of choice. I was torn between this one and Sleek's supposed Naked dupe, but despite having no money I have decided I AM going to one day buy a Naked palette so I chose Storm instead :P

My next favourite is a little different, it's Nu Nale's nail strengthener cream. When I eat a bad diet or have nail polish on for too long my nails get unbelievably brittle and dry. I've been using this morning and night for a week now and my nails are in good condition again :) Yay! I got this from Boots over  a year ago now, and there's still loads of it left :D

Last of my beauty products is a repurchase of a fantastic product. This is Soap & Glory's The Scrub Of Your Life body buffer, and it's amazing. I've been using this since I got a sample size of it for christmas and it only just ran out last week, so I can't imagine how long this huge one will last :P I love body scrubs, and this one smells beautiful and smooths my skin oh so much ^ - ^. Love it.

Finally for my random April favourites. I'll start with the delicious one...Reggae Reggae Tomato Ketchup *drooooools*. If you've never had this before GO AND BUY SOME NOW. I love all Reggae Reggae sauce products, so so yummy, but the tomato ketchup can just go on EVERYTHING...well not everything but a lot of things :P It's got a teeny bit of chili in to give it a kick, and tastes sweeter than Heinz because it uses sun ripened tomatoes and *droooollsss*.... Although I must warn you that if you live in uni halls it will be stolen, I keep mine in my room now *suspicious glances* at uni if you leave money, an ipod or your phone out in the kitchen it will be untouched, but anything yummy will be stolen in seconds :P

Lastly is a film I watched years ago and loved, I saw in HMV for £6 and simply couldn't resist. It's Park Chan-Wook's (my second favourite director ever by the by :P) Oldboy, and it is epic, to say the least. I couldn't recommend it more highly, especially if you love Korean cinema. The basic premise is a man is imprisoned for 15 years (without being told why) and suddenly released. The man who imprisoned him gives him 5 days to find out why he was imprisoned, if he finds out the kidnapper will kill himself, if he doesn't the kidnapper will kill the girl (who befriends him after he is released and tries to help solve the mystery). I will warn you however that this isn't exactly the happiest of films :P It's quite disturbing at parts and very very very violent. But if you don't mind that then I recommend this film so highly! One of my favourite ever :).

Phew, that's a lot of favourites :P I guess I'd better get back onto the revision. For everyone else who's having to endure the exam period right now as well I wish you good luck!

Sunny xxxxx

(p.s. giveaway entries have been added up, watch this space :P)


  1. I love Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish! the best cleanser ever!

  2. hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?

  3. Good luck with your exams. I love the soap & glory scrub too.

    1. Thank you :) I think I might have to treat myself to a few more Soap & Glory products to get over the stress of exams :P x