Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Review (and a giveaway update)

Hello and sorry sorry sorry > . < I've been away for what seems like YEARS. I meant to do at least two posts but I've just been so busy! I severely underestimated how much work I'd be doing and all my deadlines seemed to be on Friday :P And I'm only going to get busier over the next month because it's EXAMS *shudders* But I will try and try and try. For example I should be revising right now, but instead I've been on facebook all morning, now writing a blog post and going to take the dog on a walk ;) Hehe, I hate revising.

So review time! I got this mini Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish as a freebee in Red magaizine. I don't really read Red much, but my mum used to get it and it's still good :P Very much worth it for the free stuff :P

Before I get into it I just want to say that I LOVE this. I still have to try out my Lanegie foaming cleanser before I make my mind up, but Laneige has to be exceedingly good to beat this!
I've never used a cloth cleanser before, so the idea of putting the product onto dry skin feels unnatrual. The product itself feels like thick moisturiser, it smells a bit rubbish to be honest :P I assumed it would smell better as it's quite an expensive product, I think it must be the eucalyptus in it, it smells half planty and half chemically :P

But thats a minor problem, other than that it's amazing. After wiping the product off with a hot muslin cloth (which came with the sample) my skin feels so completely perfect. I've noticed such a difference in my skin! I've had the occasional spot (but these come after forgetting to use this and either drinkng or eating bad food, or both at once :P) but nothing major. The overall feel and look of my skin is soooo much brighter, I love it > . <

100ml of this stuff is £12.75 ( £14.25 for 100ml and a muslin cloth), so it's not cheap, but I've been using the 30ml sample for over two weeks morning and night and it's only just starting to feel a little empty, so I think it's completely worth it. If you were wanting to test it before buying a big bottle there is a 30ml starter kit (cleanser and muslin cloth) for £5.50, still expensive, but cheaper than getting the bigger one in case you don't like it :P Although I think it's amazing > . <

Unless my Lanegie foaming cleanser is better than this (but how could anything be better!) I will buy the full size, I've wanted to try this for ages after hearing how great it is, and now I can agree with everyone :P

Giveaway Update:
I feel as though I've been neglecting my blog so much lately, but I will try to be as fast as possible to put together all the entries and pick a random winner for my giveaway :) Hopefully I'll get this done in the next couple of days, but I honestly don't know how long it'll take! :P Thank you soooooooooo much to everyone who entered ^ - ^ Made me feel loved :P I wish you all lots and lots of good luck as I select a random winner! I'll keep you posted :)

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Great review! And I know how you feel- I just took two finals this week and still have one more paper to write. Yet, I'm on FB and updating my blog lol. Good luck with everything!!

  2. Thank you > . < I hate how they always give you all your deadlines at once! Sooooo very busy :P Good luck with yours too :) x

  3. Lovely post, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love finding really good skin products that work perfectly for you. I shall keep an eye out for laneige! xoxo, Veena

    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

    1. Thanks :) It's always nice finding something that makes your skin feel amazing ^ - ^ x

  4. I buy magazines when they give free stuff!
    Good luck with your exams.

    1. Thank you > . < And freebies are the best things ever :P x