Sunday, 25 March 2012

Seriously Late Tag Post

I'm going to start this post with an apology, sorry sorry sorry for taking so long to do this! I was tagged absolutely ages ago! So I'm finally doing it now :P I was tagged two times, so I'll combine them here :) Thank you so much to the lovely Yoyo and Mui Mui for tagging me to do this. They both have really adorable, fun interesting blogs you should check out :)

11 facts,
11 questions,
tag 11 people,
you get the gist :P

So without much further ado, I'll start:


1) I've snapped the big toenail off my left foot three times, once from dropping a bookcase on it (that killed), once from someone kicking it off when I was barefoot and they had HUGE shoes on and once walking back to my boyfriends house through the woods completely smashed and tripping over a root.

2) I hate people who don't clean up in the kitchen > . < Sharing a kitchen with messy people at uni kills me (especially when they use and then don't wash up my things *grumble grumble*)

3) I've only just started watching Pretty Little Liars AND I LOVE IT.

4) I've once gotten lost in the middle of Reading after a night out with my friend and wandered around drunk until daylight where we had to ask a dogwalking stranger for directions...classy.

5) When I was little my favourite book ever was The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, I've read it so many times.

6) Now my favourite book is Jane Eyre, and it will never ever ever change because it's the best book ever :P
7) My favourite Audrey Hepburn film is How To Steal A Million ( * - * love you Audrey)
8) I'm chilly

9) Even if I don't talk to my best friends for a while at uni the moment we meet up again it's as though nothing has changed <3

10) My favourite shop in the world is Liberty's in London, the first time I went there was when I was about 8 and I haven't stopped loving it.

11) Eleven facts is a lot...

1) Do you consider yourself as a Tsudere (Harsh outside Gentle inside) or Yandere (Gentle outside harsh inside)? XD
Ermmmm I suppose a Tsudere... but not really too harsh :P

2) Do you have some sort of fetish for something? If yes, what?
A fetish? Err not that I'm aware of :P

3) Do you wear glasses?
Yes - _ - Only for reading, but I hate them because they're never where I put them!
4) Are you very sweet and kind in public but a totally different person when you're with people you're close to?
I reckon I'm kind to people I'm close to, my boyfriend says I hit him too much...But then laughs because my punches are too feeble...
5) Are you outgoing?
Only with my friends, then I'll go a  little bit mad.

6) What's the first thing you notice in a guy? Is it the most important trait?
I'm shallow, so I notice looks first, but it's really not the most important, you can ruin good looks by opening your mouth and saying something idiotic or nasty.
7) When you tell jokes, does your friends usually laugh because of the funny-ness of the joke or they laugh at how stupid and lame the joke it? (weird question XD)
I've been told I'm terrible at telling jokes, I start laughing (and snorting) half way through telling the joke :P
8) How many languages do you know?
I did French and Spanish at school, I can remember fragments of Spanish and nearly no French :P I'm desperately trying to learn a few useful phrases for Korea, but so far I can't say I can actually properly speak a language other than English.

9) What's your favourite brand of make-up?
Benefitttttt <3 Which most of my make up collection consists of, I really do mean to branch out :P

10) Headphones or earphones?
Earphones, they're more practical, but headphones can look really cute.
11) If you could invent anything, what would it be?
Bernard's watch! It would be the most amazing thing ever, but I wouldn't tell anyone, I'd keep it to myself :P I always wish I had one at concerts so I could use it to get to the barrier :P

 My Questions :

1) What is your favourite item of clothing you own?
2) Favourite drink for a sunny afternoon?
3) Would you prefer camping in the countryside or staying in a 5 star hotel?
4) What's your favourite food?
5) Heels or flats?
6) Do you prefer wearing your hair curly or straight?
7) Favourite chocolate?
8) Favourite film?
9) Favourite flower?
10) My brain can't think of any more questions....
11) lalalalala <3

I tag:

Eight tags is soooo close to almost IS eleven...but not quite > . <

Tomorrow I'm off to Korea, I really want to do some posts when I'm out there, but I don't know how good the Internet will be. So this may or may not be my last post for two weeks!

I like posts with here's three of my cats when they were kittens :D

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Great post :) The photo of the kittens is gorgeous xx

  2. Great post and your kittens are so cute! Have a great time in Korea. One of my best friends from childhood is from there and her parents have recently moved back there. It's on my places to visit! Are you going to post pictures on here? I would love to see them. I'm going to Vietnam in the summer and I'm excited already!x

    1. Thank you :) I'm so excited to go! So long as the internet in my hotel is good I want to post some pictures of my time out there, if not I'll make a picture filled blog when I come back :) x

  3. hiiii,
    just wanted to let you know that I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    Click the link below for more details:


    1. Thank you, I'll do it soon :) x

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  5. Your kittens are so cute and their blue eyes are so adorable!
    Have a great time in Korea! I'm actually half-korean, and korea is a beautiful country! Have lots a fun!

    1. Thank you :) Korea is so amazing, I've only been here two days and I'm in love already ^ - ^ x

  6. Korea sounds exciting! Have fun!

  7. Great post,I like to travel!Have fun in Korea (:

  8. thanks so much!!! i will be sure to do this!!