Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

So today is Mother's day, but instead of spending the day with my mum going out to lunch, or going shopping or something fun like that I'm stuck at uni - _ - However, as I only have one week left until the Easter holidays I have already gotten her a pressie and card so I can give them to her when I get home :D

I found this gorgeously wrapped set in the Body Shop for £20, it's from their Vitamin E collection which is formulated for *cough* older skin *cough* (my mum would kill me if I said that :P). I adore the light pink and black box, I know that half the excitement of a present for my mum is the packaging :P And in this way I think I take after her > . <.

This set comes with 4 products, a gentle facial wash, moisture cream, night cream and a small face wash. I am so in love with this set, it looks gorgeous. I'd forgotten how much I loved the body shop until I went into it yesterday, it smells so yummy (I may have bought a couple of things for myself too which I'll show in a collective haul soon).

Also every year I buy my mum a Lindt gold bunny for Easter, but this year I'll be away in Korea for Easter! So I'm giving her the bunny early (and I know that it will not last until Easter :P).

I can't wait for this week to be over! I have an exam and statistics (which I still don't actually understand) to do, and then I'll be off home for a couple of days and then off to KOREA!!! (exciting times :P).

Also, last night there was the most gorgeous mountain rainbow thing going on, I just had to take a photo :P

Damn you telephone mast for ruining my photo!

Sunny xxxxx


  1. I'm not seeing my mum today either :( Silly uni!
    The packaging of the Body Shop set really is lovely!


  2. wait... it passed mother's day? Or is that just in the UK?

    1. I'm not too sure about other countries, but here it was on the 18th :) x

    2. oh okay... I was just really confused for a seconed 'caus I always remember it being in.. June.

    3. I know Father's day is in June, for the UK at least, tbh I only remember these holidays when the card shops start advertising them with massive signs :P x