Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Birthday Pressies!

I'm home! It feels like it's been ages even though it was only a week and a half > . < In another week and a bit I'm back to uni, SO EXCITED ^ - ^ Anyway, yesterday I got the last of my birthday pressies (from my dad) and I thought I'd show you everything I got :)

My boyfriend gave me a Totoro hat ^ - ^ and a 'Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes' mug :D He also bought me some gluten free flour (I can't eat gluten *cries* so normally I can't have cake), and we baked a chocolate cake. I ate most of it :P He also took me to the cinema to watch Brave and then out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant I'd been eyeing up for months :P (Just thinking about the food there is making me hungry...)

My boyfriends parents gave me a pretty necklace and bracelet set and a mini bottle of Cacherel's Anais Anais perfume, it smells soooo good :)

My friend Las got me my ultimate guilty pleasure (and hers too actually :P). The film Crossroads, not the good one :P The other one...the one with Britney Spears :PI haven't seen it since I was about 10 :P

My lovely lovely friend Daydreamer  gave me the Nars Pleasures Of Paris Palette, I can't wait to try it out :)

 My Grandma, Aunt and Uncle all gave me birthday money, so when I went to London I shopped :P First is this faux leather jacket from Zara. I've been wanting a leather jacket since last year, so I'm so glad I finally got one.

Next I popped into Abercrombie and Fitch and picked up a few lovely things, the super skinny dark wash jeans (such a gorgeous fit), the hoodie (sooo soft, I want more of these), and a gorgeous white lace skirt which I can't wait to wear!

From my mum I got Chanel Chance perfume, I love love love this and have been pining over it for a few months. I haven't taken it out of its gorgeous box yet because I'm back off to uni soon and don't want it to get hurt in transit!

Finally the present I'm most excited about (and the present which is still charging!) the Clarisonic mia from my dad, although he seemed very confused as to why I was so excited about a 'big electric toothbrush' :P He got me the hot pink one (yay for pink :P). I'm really excited to see how this will work and will keep you updated :) I've read so many reviews I hope it works for me.

I had such a great birthday :D And got some fantastic presents ^ - ^ Now that it's over don't expect any more hauls from me until I've managed to get myself a job! :P (Fingers crossed!)

Sunny xxxxx


  1. Wow you got some lovely things! Happy belated birthday, glad you had a great day xo


    You've got some great pressies! And I love the clothes you picked out!!

  3. Happy birthday! So jealous you got a clarisonic.. and thumbs up for Totoro!


  4. Wow! Happy birthday! I love all your gets!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day, the Clarisonic is amazing. And I love the cat hat!! x

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  7. Someone got you Crossroads?! Now that's a true friend...Happy bithday :)

    Anna at

  8. Love the jacket! And both of the perfumes you received are lovely! I wear them both x

  9. You got such lovely things, glad you had a fab birthday. Haha at Crossroads forgot about that! xxx

  10. Awesome presents! Happy Belated Birthday!

    OMGOSH! I love that movie Crossroads, I was such a massive Britney fan when I was little (still am now) Love the mug and just... EVERYTHING ;) <3