Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

Right now I'm curled up with my cat, warm and cosy in my house whilst the weather is STILL awful outside. This would be quite nice on a winters day, but it's not what I want in the summer > . < I want shorts and dresses and sunglasses! :( Sometimes living in England is just no fun.
Anywayyyy, I washed some of my brushes today and I thought I'd share how I do it. Obviously washing make up brushes is really important, for one thing to get any colour off which you might not want to apply next time you use the brush, for another re-using unwashed brushes results in bacteria being transferred and causing break outs, which is never good.
Unwashed brushes
I don't tend to have a fixed schedule for washing my brushes, for my eyeshadow brushes I usually try to wash them more often as I don't have many and need to keep them in circulation. But as for my face brushes, these get washed a lot less frequently, every other week probably, if I remember that is :P

I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo to wash my brushes, this is better than soap because it washes out easily not leaving any residue and keeps the brushes soft, whilst still cleaning them. I like to squirt a large blob out next to my tap at the sink, because it's too much hassle to pour out individual bits for each brush. Then I run a tap of lukewarm water slowly, so it's a constant flow, but not too strong. Then I just swirl each brush in the baby shampoo and rinse under the tap. If I'm washing eyeshadow brushes I have to do this a couple of times to get the colour out. For larger brushes I make sure the baby shampoo gets all over the brush instead of just swirling it in the shampoo, before rinsing.

Then once all the brushes are clean I lay them out on my windowsill, waiting for them to dry ^ - ^

Nice clean shiny brushes ^ - ^
Quick cat update : My ridiculously silly Evening Cat has managed to dislocate all of the bones in his lower leg! He's staying at the vets for a few days for his surgery, and should be fine, but we still have no idea how he managed it > . < What a silly kitty :P

Sunny xxxxx


  1. oh wow you have quite a collection of makeup brushes! makeup tutorial? :) xx.

    1. I want to do a few make up looks with my new Naked palette soon, so keep a look out :) x

  2. Ooo. I've tried using this baby shampoo to clean my brushes, but for some reason, there is always some residue left. :(

    1. Ah thats a shame, maybe try different brands? x

  3. I'm always amazed at how much junk comes out of my brushes when I clean them x

  4. it is so important to clean your makeup brushes! i love using baby shampoo too!

  5. hey, sunny. this is a wonderful tip.... i did hear from some friends that baby shampoo works. well, i have plenty off them at home, so definitely have to try it. have a nice weekend! :)


  6. Nice post! I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin... Hope you follow me back!

  7. I use the exact same shampoo for my brushes as well, except I swirl them in my palm rather than beside the sink. It's a really good alternative to proper makeup brush cleaner and a lot cheaper too :)