Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Mini Meowy Miracle

A few months ago one of my darling baby boys ran away from home (a cat not an actual baby :P). He was at home when I went to uni, but a few weeks later my dad told me that he'd run away :( I was so upset! My little Evening Cat! (That's his name by the way :P). Then my dad moved house and I had to accept that Evening wouldn't come back :(

But yesterday I got a phone call from a friend I haven't spoken to in ages from where I used to live. She told me that the vets she worked at had been given a stray cat, and when they checked the microchip it was a cat called Evening! The vets had tried to phone my old house (still on the chip) but obviously we weren't there! But my friend recognised the (fairly odd :P) name and recognised my old house name!

My dads driving down to our old town next week to pick up my little Evening boy! I'm so happy I'm getting him back > . < If my friend hadn't been working there, or hadn't been in on that day, no one would have known who he was and he would have been re homed! I feel so lucky right now :)

Yawning kitty :)

I promise I'll get back on beauty posts for next time, but I'm so very happy about my cat right now! <3

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Sunny xxxxx
(happy happy happy :D)


  1. Aww so glad you have been re-united!
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  2. Such a sweet story, glad you found him! :) x

  3. he is soooooo cute!!!

    really glad you have found him again!

    i can imagine how you felt when you heard that he had not come back!

    Glad this story has a happy ending :)

  4. Aww I'm so glad you found him x

  5. Aww, how lovely, I'm so glad you're getting him back!


  6. I am so happy you found him!

  7. Aww that post just made me smile :) x